The AFC Super Bowl Contender

I first began searching through each of the AFC teams web sites. Looking for news and tidbits of knowledge for my fantasy football. I play in a couple of leagues just for fun and have lived vicariously with a few online friends. It is always fun yet I want to be competitive. Otherwise it is a waste of time to play. Didn't find much because it's just too early. Camp and preseason aside, I searched for other tangibles. There are a few facts that are undeniable. Most team's rosters are near 100% in health. Coming off surgeries and rehab . Hopes are high. All are ready for the grind. The work has to be put in. We all look forward to feedback thru this process.

So why not try making an early pick of who will go to the Superbowl. It's early and decent odds are up for these soothsayer type predictions. Schedule is one thing. But I see no correlation to that defining who wins. I believe that just eases the journey. I feel a real factor is the motivation of a team. Yep a solid tangible is each team's motivation. Some want to break into that threshold of the playoffs. Others want to avenge their loss. And many are simply pissed they have come short the last few years. There are new coaches and new concepts being taught. It is all a crap-shoot at this point. The real motivator in this world is money $$$, ding ding ding!

But who in the heck is going to search that deep? I mean really. Who has the most debt or family troubles that would incite vigorous and perhaps vicious drive for that ring. Na, I'm not gonna do it. I may could find some nugget to run with in that direction. But there is no need for such. Now all of us know how important and motivating our women folk can be in this life. Whether it be for keeping her funded for pleasures in life style or the security of our children. We have deep respect for keeping the women happy. Meh, though all this is true still it leans toward delving into financial motivations. So again I must find something else.

I got it. The other motivation we get from the women. The cheerleaders!

That;s it. The sure fire motivator of all. The gorgeous cheerleaders. Now thats motivational. So using the normal formula for obvious skills intersecting with player personnel. And....CHEERLEADERS!!! That is motivation for a ring.

First I went to the web site and worked from left to right going through these AFC teams. I couldn't find much to sway my original thinking. The Patriots are an obvious fear to all. Will Gronk stay healthy? At any rate Brady with Vereen, Ridley, Edelman and whoever shows, will make them a contender. But the cheerleaders...........meh.

Buffalo and the Jets may have done the right thing by not having any calendar posting. It may have secured my opinion of their destiny. They did not want to promote summertime play. Which is good choice by them. They need to focus on the work. On the other hand Miami always has a nice squad. Seems to be mandatory. I was blessed with dating two in the early 90's. Wahoooo,lots O fun. Yet the fish are cursed. Pick your short cuming, receiver, running back, coach, owner. Can't pick em to go this time.

So on to the AFC North. The Ravens and the Steelers were not in the spirit this summer either. This could be for the better. No offense to the feminine persuasion in that region. These two teams are all business. Each can step up to put a pop knot on anyone's head. I say respect is due. But they lack that panache I am searching for to accompany their skills. Well the poor Brownie seems to be the burial ground of talent much like the Jet. The curse is obvious. Therefore I am happy that they did not post a calender**. May have hurt the pupils. There is reason for the name; 'dog pound'. And that leaves the Bengals. A very curious and talented group . Why the OC coaching change? We may understand why by week 10. When our a**holes start puckering up. Hugh is a motivator! But what scares me is the calendar. The first few are definitely on the front line. They must be. They must hide the back row. Go to this link below and scroll in about 10 pics or so and you will see what I am talking about. After that look deep in there cheer roster I am second guessing them.

Lets hop over to the King of the west. We have got serious talent at a mile high level. Elway seems to be bringing in all the talent. To the calendar and the team. Enough said. CONTENDER!! Of course San Diego has the calendar but a strange swashbuckling roster. Fit to slay the king? Possibly. The Raiderettes are not having fun this summer. Good news for the team? meh. And the always down to business KC Chiefs. Relevant on all fronts. The west in the AFC will leave as much blood on the field as our NFC West. Revolutionary type of blood bath.

So its a tough decision. Patriots Ravens Bengals Steelers Broncos Chiefs and Chargers are all in the hunt. But I forgot the AFC South.

Only one can come from the south, in my opinion. Houston I didn't even look at and I don't know if they put up a calendar. But those people in that area scare me. "Houston we have a problem" will never be forgotten. The football team should be contending yet like Andre feels, I'm out. Tennessee has a nice crew of cheerleaders. But they have miles and miles to catch up with players on the field. This runningback thing...I don't know what they were thinking. It appears that they will rely upon Dexter to groom Sankey for the NFL.? Nope. Not a contender. Now if you go to the Jaguar's cheerleader shoot in the Virgin Islands, the first picture sort of makes you think....but then, no way, the Jags aren't going to win the Superbowl. But since you went there, and I know you did, pics 15 and 16 shows us that Jacksonville is going to be a much improved team this year!

Go to this site

"Cheerleader of the week: Hannah Y." Scroll down half a page to her 2014 swimsuit gallery. There are 10 photos. Pictures 7-10 just seal the deal. She has what it takes to inspire champions! This is my 'Lucky' pick to win the Superbowl. If they can make the show they can win it. Odds are 16 to 1. That's my play. Of course I still must evaluate the NFC's calendar.

When you go to see Hannah don't make the mistake of looking at "The Big Blue Ladies fanclub" event found below to the right. In recent photos. This will remove any and all kind thoughts. Except that there is a good picture of some 'fire roasted shrimp cocktails' about 8 or 10 pictures in. If that is not your thing....don't go in.

Early wisdom states that the Seahawks will not repeat. So that outs the Rams Cardinals PACKERS Bears Saints and Eagles into contention. That's my early thoughts. I still must study their calendars.

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