Rams Roster Preview: Brandon McGee

Andy Lyons

In 2013 the St. Louis Rams drafted cornerback Brandon McGee out of Miami. And while the Rams didn't have to rely heavily on him last season, they might need him more now in 2014.

The St. Louis Rams have a lot of competition at cornerback this season, but a player often left out of the discussion is last year's 5th round pick Brandon McGee. The Rams already had three solid cornerbacks (at the time they were thought to be) when they drafted McGee, so the vision for him was primarily as a depth player. There's nothing wrong with being a backup player and learning your role on the defense because eventually they’ll be asked to contribute, and the best teams have good backups.

McGee was't great at Miami as his senior season could be considered an up-and-down year. But he displayed good speed and had solid size, which probably piqued the Rams interest enough to draft him. At the time, the Rams didn't have anyone to play the outside CB position if starters Trumaine Johnson and Janoris Jenkins got injured. Being picked in the 5th round usually makes you a project, but McGee had a chance to impress the coaching staff when he played against the Chicago Bears.  If you want more details on his start then head here.  After that game McGee wouldn't see double-digit snaps on defense again until week 17 against the Seattle Seahawks.

Position Battle

Unfortunately for McGee, he will have far more competition this season. The Rams drafted two corners Lamarcus Joyner and E.J. Gaines, while also adding youngsters like Greg Reid and Marcus Roberson. It's going to be an interesting battle for the corners trying to make the final roster.

His primary competition will - more than likely - be Gaines and Roberson, mainly because of their ability to play outside.

Expectations for McGee

It's up in the air at the moment. As it stands, McGee is the starting nickel back for the Rams, but the Rams drafted Lamarcus Joyner in the second round to play nickel, and some safety. McGee isn't going to beat out Johnson or Jenkins on the outside, so landing in the slot gives him his best shot at playing time. Granted he's more of an outside corner, but if Joyner isn't ready to start at nickel, or if a safety gets hurt and Joyner fills in at safety, McGee will get the starting nod.

Will McGee be a Ram in 2014?

He should be a Ram, but there could be a scenario where a couple of young corners outshine McGee, or the Rams like the potential of their youngsters more. I would give McGee a 55% chance of making the roster in 2014.

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