Rams Roster Review: OG Rodger Saffold

Dilip Vishwanat

Next up for review on the Ram's roster is offensive guard Rodger Saffold.

Rodger 'The Inside Man' Saffold was part of the anxiety many Rams fans felt going into the off season. Many fans felt he should take a hike, while others had a rabid desire to resign the versatile offensive lineman. As the constant reader knows, Rodger Saffold agreed to terms with the Raiders on a $42.5 million contract which included $21 million in guaranteed money. Fortunately for the Rams, the Raiders doctors gave the team a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card, saying that the '6 5"/332 lbs lineman needed shoulder surgery, subsequently "failing" Saffold's physical. There were reports that team owner Mark Davis gave the red light to finally signing Saffold. Rodger ended up signing with the Rams for $31.7 million with $19.5 million guaranteed.

Roster Battle

Saffold will start at guard this season, unless Rams left offensive tackle Jake Long isn't ready to go on day one. The Rams have reported that Long should be ready to go, but it is a luxury to have a guy who can step in with experience at the position. Insofar as competition for the guard positions, there is no contest as long as Saffold remains healthy. Possible replacements include Davin Joseph, Barret Jones, and Brandon Washington. There could even be a scenario where Barret Jones moves to start at left guard, while Auburn rookie Greg Robinson slides over to take Saffold's position right of center. Rams fans should hope that never happens.


During his 4 year tenure with the St. Louis Rams, Saffold has allowed 15 sacks, for an average of just 3.75 sacks per season, with his sophomore campaign being his worst at 10 sacks. It should be noted that during the 2013 season he allowed zero sacks in 9 starts and 12 appearances. Rodger's penalties have dropped since 2010 with only 2 false starts and zero holding penalties in 2013. The versatile lineman started at left tackle, right guard, and right tackle in 2013. If Saffold remains healthy, the Rams offensive line should have success in both the running and passing game.

Will He Make the Roster in 2014?

Making the roster is a forgone conclusion. The only way Saffold isn't on the field come game day, is if Saffold has an injury keeping him out of the lineup. Even then, Saffold is a fount of invaluable experience and technique, from which his replacements will draw from.

*While this video is a few years old, it shows the fire and passion Saffold brings to the team. It also happens to show him bullying the hell out of opposing defensive linemen.

Wired: Saffold Helmet Cam (via ramsnflcom)

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