Ramdom Thoughts...

Ramdom thougths...........

The Aaron Hernandez news is shocking. How many other murderers are running free in the NFL?

For years the Rams achillies heal was being unable to stop the run. Teams acted like we were a carpet. We never drafted DT's up high. I wanted us to take Suh so badly. Finally Fisher comes in and he's drafted two (Brockers & Donald) in the 1st round in his first three years. Thank God. I predict we'll soon have one of the best run-stopping teams in the league. To save his career Rok should switch from OG to DT, then instead of 'The Fridge' you'd have 'The Artic'.

Mike Shanahan went from being a coaching god to one of the worst in the league. At one club he wins Super Bowls at the next it's a disaster. After RG3 threw him under the bus he'll probably never work again. How did that happen?

If you're not supposed to drink and drive why do they sell beers in stadiums? Why does getting drunk make football better? Why can I never remember the 2nd half of most Super Bowls?

If someone gets fired from a NFL team because they're incompetent how do they suddenly become credible as an announcer? If they get fired because they didn't know what they were doing (see: Billy Devaney), why suddenly do people believe what they say as analysts? How did they suddenly become 'experts' when 10 minutes earlier they're viewed as the worst in the league?

If football evolved from Rugby how come it hasn't evolved equally in all countries.

If it's of the utmost importance to bring a young QB along quickly, instead of teaching him a new offense why don't the coaches and other players learn his?

Is 'Cowboy' (as a sports name) now a derogatory term? As in the generalization that cowboys (orignal 1880's version) were uneducated slow-witted hacks who could only chase cows? 3rd-grade educations? Basically calling someone a (politically correct now) mentally 'challenged' person? ("yo, why don't YOU get it, you COWBOY') And if you want to go further isn't a 'Raider' a thief? Or a 'Viking'? Someone who literally rapes and pillages? Isn't that offensive too? I bet you'd think it if you were being pillaged. Why are they being glorified? And finally why should poor rams be exploited? Or any animal, lions, bears, broncos, colts, seahawks, falcons, dolphins, bengals, ravens, eagles, cardinals etc? Don't they have feelings too? Don't they use broncos and colts (horses) for dog food? Where will it all end?


(avoid temptation)

Why don't they expand the season by a 1/4 (to 20 games), and the rosters by the same amount (from 45 to 56 give or take a player), but have a rule where each player can only play a max of 16 regular season games (because of fear of concusions/player safety etc). Then they'd have longer seasons, make more money, and train more players, all without risking the health of anyone. The owners would make billions more and we'd get more football. It's a win win........ Where's my finders fee?

Ok, last one

Why is it when everything seems good something goes wrong? Why is it when I try to stay away from something something else runs into me? Why is it everytime I buy something new it instantly gets scratched? Why does it make my wife happier when I do the dishes compared to buying her jewelry? Why don't they make football more exiting by widening the field and doubling the players? Instead of giving me extra money then taxing it back, why not give me less but make employers pay the tax?

Since large corporations are going to exploit our children through advertising anyways, why not let them sponsor schools with advertising on-site but use the extra money generated to hire only the best teachers? As it is now, compared to who could be teaching, most of them are 'cowboys'..............

Which is why the forty-niner mascot 'sourdough sam' looks like one


Beware of disturbing images


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