A different way of grading the Rams

I am a Rams fan based in London. I started supporting the team 3 years ago, and have never owned a Rams jersey. Part of the reason for this was that I was never sure what jersey I wanted, and what player I would want on the back of it. This year, I intend on splashing out the dollars (or 'Pounds' in all honesty) on my first Rams jersey, and this made me begin to think about which player I want on the back of it. I want my first jersey to sport the name of a player who is recognisable (possibly not in England, where there are few who even realise what 'Football' is) in the American Football world, and who makes me proud to wear the shirt. With this in mind, i spent some time scrolling through the Rams roster, as well as NFL Europe's shopping site, trying to find the best fit. What i discovered is that, for the first time in my (admittedly short) stint of being a Rams fan, there are an abundance of players who fit the mo(u)ld of players I would be proud of having on the back of my shirt. Now, it is true that i only started following the team in 2011, and I cannot say that i was around during the depressing years of mediocrity for the Rams organisation. However, when I look through the names of players we currently have, the young talent that we possess, I see my dilema of selecting a shirt proof of the fact that the Rams are heading in the right direction. There are an abundance of options for me to choose from. Players who are exciting, up-and-coming, or NFL stars. The following is a list of players, split into sub-categories, who I am considering choosing to represent the back of my shirt (Surely the highest hono(u)r any player could ever imagine).

Current Stars of the Rams roster who seem to appear on many shirts of fans, and are available to select on the NFL shop:

#8 Sam Bradford

#11 Tavon Austin

#91 Chris Long

#94 Robert Quinn

#77 Jake Long

#55 James Laurinaitis

#52 Alec Ogletree

#81 Kenny Britt

#90 Michael Brockers

#21 Janoris Jenkins

#30 Zac Stacy

Other Rams veterans who possibly do not receive the same recognition, but who are becoming known names in the NFL, and whose shirt i would proudly wear:

#89 Jared Cook

#22 Trumaine Johnson

#4 Greg Zuerlein

#6 Johnny Hekker

#95 William Hayes

#76 Roger Saffold

#98 Kendal Langford

#13 Chris Givens

#12 Steadman Bailey

#25 T.J McDonald

Rams rookies who I am excited to see in a Rams uniform, and who have a chance of becoming Stars in the NFL

#79 Greg Robinson

#99 Aaron Donald

#20 LaMarcus Joyner

#27 Tre Mason

#96 Michael Sam - Just so everyone knows, this is my current frontrunner, assuming he makes the final 53. What a momentous signing not just for the Rams, but for the NFL and sport in general. Made me a very proud Rams fan!

Of course, don't get me wrong, I am more that aware that this list means little, if anything at all. PFF would most certainly not use this as a criteria for grading teams in the NFL. Player's names don't really mean a thing, as this is a results based business as we are all aware, and there is no guarantee that any of these players will be stars in the NFL in 2014. The fact that we're likely to only have one player in NFL Network's (meaningless) list of Top 100 players is an indicator that the team, and young players in it, have a lot of work to do in the next 9 or so months to be considered contenders. It is little more than an optimistic viewpoint of where our team currently is. Despite this, i feel pleased, as we are clearly starting to develop a team with notable players, and top draft picks (our starting lineup, in regards to 1st round picks, could have 2 on the OL, 4 on the DL, 1 QB, 2WRs, and a LB if everyone is healthy come week , with yet another, Davin Joseph, as a backup).

So, who should I pick to be the name bearer of my first Rams jersey? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading y'all!

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