I'm really glad Kap got a new deal

because it means he'll be stuck with the 49'ers for a long time, like a anchor around a mafia informants neck. Let's face it, the whiners are in freefall. Half their team isn't on football cards they're on wanted posters. Homeland Security has Aldon Smith on speed dial. Their draft picks are coming off injuries, their existing 'stars' are also rehabbing, and their coach is a medical emergency waiting to happen because his brain could implode at any time. They could almost do a remake of MASH but they'd have to call it TRASH because the 49er's are going down the tubes faster than I can flush. They're like a bad version of Greenland. What was once ice is now turning to vapor.

But the biggest joke of all is Colin Kaepernick and Chris Berman & Trent Diflers love-affair for anything Niners. They should all do a ménage-a-ball with Sourdough Sam (The Castro would be proud) because without them Kap never gets that kind of contract. Let's be honest, Kaepernick is basically JaMarcus Russell but on a good team. Without their Defense (which is injured and young) and running game (also on the way out) they'd be nothing. In fact I just figured it out - Kap isn't JaMarcus Russell - he's Trent Dilfer except Trent Dilfer actually won. Wow. It's amazing when things come together. It's just like The Circle of Life... Kum-ba-ya...

Back to the topic. IMO Kap is an over-rated one-read then run immature pseudo-wannabe gang-banga doofus who's one more date-rape/turbo-bong close-call away from spending time in a concrete room a la Pac-Man Jones / Michael Vick / or gasp Aaron Hernandez. "Hey let's party! Have a bong and some shots! What's that? You feel dizzy? (oh gee, what a surprise) Oh okay, come into my room....... (yo, homie, after she passes out you come in and…..)"

I'm just surprised Trent Baalke hasn't figured it out yet. I mean, Harbaugh is stuck. He was the fool who got rid of Alex Smith so he's married to Kap. They're co-dependants. He has to say 'oh he's looking good! Sign him sign him!' even though he knows getting rid of Smith was a mistake. Everyone knows they would have won the Super Bowl with Alex Smith because he does two things Kap can’t do which is (a) read defenses and (b) locate a secondary receiver.

So I'm glad Kap got a new deal. I'm glad the Niners are stuck with him. It's means they're one step closer to the end.

btw wtf is this?



Chris Bermans bedtime pillow

Trent Dilfer's secret fantasy

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