Taking a shot at the final 53

It's been awhile, been reading posts and following news on the Rams, but mostly sticking to World Cup stuff lately, and of course, doing mock drafts on fantasyfootballcalculator to prep for the fantasy season...

Anyway, just wanted to get a look at the current Rams roster and how it might shake down to 53. This will be a "thinking out loud" piece. I will be counting down and filling the roster as I go. So I may need to cut or add players at the end.

First, I am going to list players I think have zero question regarding them:

1, 2. G Zuerlein and J Hekker, the Rams Kicker/Punter are going nowhere.

3. S Bradford J Long, R Saffold, J Barksdale, G Robinson, S Wells - projected starters on the O Line

9.10.11. Z Stacy, T Mason, B Cunningham - I think its easy to say these 3 make the roster

12.13. J Cook, L Kendricks - top two TEs, not going anywhere

14.15. T Austin, C Givens, S Bailey - these are the only 3 I feel comfortable saying right now will be in uniform this season. the rest have their futures with the team still to be determined. (did not count Bailey against the roster as he will start the season off the roster, obviously makes room for another WR but will get to that later) C Long, R Quinn, M Brockers, K Langford, A Donald, W Hayes - the DLine

22.23.24. J Laurinaitis, A Ogletree, R Armstrong - IMO Armstrong is a lock just based on ST performance J Jenkings, T Johnson, L Joyner, T McDonald, R McLeod, M Alexander - I include Alexander because he was a 4th round pick. Too high to not protect by sticking on the roster.

This leaves us with 23 "open" roster spots that 60 guys are fighting for. Next will be my projection by position, highlighting the guys who are filling the 23 open spots.

QB - S Bradford, S Hill, G Gilbert - Austin Davis is done as a Ram. (21 open spots)

RB - Z Stacy, T Mason, B Cunningham, I Pead -Pead does enough on ST to earn a spot on the team, plus the lack of Bailey to start the season leaves a hole in the offense, not that Pead can fill it. (20 open spots)

WR - T Austin, C Givens, S Bailey, K Britt, B Quick, A Pettis - Staff thinks enough of Britt and Quick to carry them both. Pettis makes the team for being a reliable safety valve for QBs. (17 spots remain)

TE - J Cook, L Kendricks, C Harkey (16 spots left)

OL - J Long, R Saffold, G Robinson, S Wells, J Barksdale, T Barnes, B Jones, D Joseph, M Person - with Saffold as a swing tackle available to fill in outside if needed, the Rams need less depth along the line. Davin Joseph is a solid fill in for OG and Barnes is your backup at C. (12 spots remain)

DL - C Long, K Langford, R Quinn, W Hayes, M Brockers, A Donald, A Carrington, E Sims, M Sam - The Rams are obviously in a great place along their defensive front line. But often overlooked is the versatility that they have in their front 4, a lot of these guys can be plugged in anywhere on the line. (9 spots to go)

LB - J Laurinaitis, A Ogletree, R Armstrong, J Dunbar, D Bates, S Brown. - Mostly playing in nickel packages the Rams have less need for more LBs but will need some for ST. (6 players remain)

CB - J Jenkins, T Johnson, L Joyner, EJ Gaines, B McGee, G Reid - I was going to group all DBs into one because I see a lot of these guys being sort of interchangeable between CB/DB/S. Anyway...(3 players remain)

S - TJ McDonald, R McLeod, M Alexander, C Davis - (2 players left!)

Almost forgot... LS J McQuaide - obvious roster spot filled. (Leaving 1.)

Currently Rostering:

3 - ST

24 - Offense (including but not counting Bailey)

25 - Defense

So I guess that leaves me with 1 player left to add and I really can't decide. There are a lot of DBs I have high hopes for, but injuries will most likely put them on the practice squad. Obviously being local, I have a soft spot for TJ Moe, but I don't know if he has what it takes to earn a spot. I suppose if he can prove to contribute on special teams, he could. But, I am just going to leave that spot open. Let a commenter fill out my roster...

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