Hey guys, not posted on here in a while (although I've been lurking about like a...well, like a lurking thing), but wanted to do a FanPost that had something to do with my disappointment in a Rams QB, but nothing to do with Sam Bradford. Nope, I'm talking about the guy who led us to our one and only Super Bowl - Kurt Warner.

Remember this?



Now, most of us (if not all) remember the story of Kurt Warner - undrafted in the 1994 NFL Draft, invited to the Green Bay Packers training camp, doesn't have a chance of beating out Brett Farve for the coveted no.1 spot (although he also loses out to Mark Brunell and Ty Detmer for a position on the team - WTF???), and he ends up stacking shelves at a grocery store for $5.50 an hour. Looks to stay within the sport he loves by playing Arena Football for three years before getting another shot in the NFL with the St. Louis Rams. After initially spending the first part of the year with the Amsterdam Admirals in NFL Europe, he finds himself back with the Rams behind the infamous Tony Banks and Steve Bono (seriously, if you can't beat out the lead singer of "U2" you might as well give up).

1999 comes along, and Warner now sits at no.2 on the depth chart. The Rams newly signed free agent no.1 QB Trent Green tears his ACL during a preseason game...


"I've told you Coach, it's pronounced "Aseel Tare"..."

Most coaches would have lost their mind at this point, losing their newly acquired starter (yep, I'm looking at you Jim Mora and Dennis Green). But not our coach, oh no. He refuses to let this disrupt the upcoming Rams 1999 regular season by giving his now legendary war-cry...


"We'll rally around Kurt Warner and we will play good football." Thanks Dick - that's all we wanted to hear.

The 1999 season? History. For both the St. Louis Rams and Kurt Warner himself - 4353 yards, 41 touchdowns, completion rate of 65.1%, the only QB in NFL history to throw for three touchdowns in his first three starts - all culminating in the newly-nicknamed "Greatest Show On Turf" taking the biggest prize in the game by winning SB XXXIV and Warner being named Super Bowl MVP to go along with his 1999 NFL MVP title...


"Made it, Ma! Top of the world!"

Warner stayed with the Rams for four more seasons, racking up more records, more individual titles, and guiding the Rams to another SB visit in 2001 (and the less we talk about that, the better - isn't that right, "Bellicheat"...)



After losing the starting spot during 2003 to another unknown, Marc Bulger (yep - the guy we ended up paying $62.5 mill for a six-year extension in 2007 - THAT Marc Bulger), Warner finds himself shipped off to pastures new. First, with the New York Giants in 2004, before ending his career playing five seasons with the Arizona Cardinals, taking them all the way to 'zona's one and only SB appearance in 2008 (thank you, Pittsburgh). During his time at Arizona, Kurt Warner racked up even more individual records and titles, before finally bowing out of the game in 2010.

If ever a film needed to be made about a guy's life and career, this would be it.

And now he's going to be inducted into the Arizona Cardinal's "Ring Of Honor".


Yep, I know how harshly he was treated by the Rams organisation during his final tenure with us. And no, I don't know what a "Ring Of Honor" is (although I'm pretty sure it's a wrestling company who made the likes of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson famous..?). What I do know, is that it annoys me enough to write this FanPost for TST and my fellow Rams brethren.

I was about to vent during a paragraph about how much Kurt Warner owes the St. Louis Rams. About how much the Rams gave him that chance, about how much of an opportunity they gave him on the path to success that his career became.

But, in all honesty, knowing he's going to be inducted into some other team's history?

I'm just disappointed.

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