It's about that time

I've made it, somewhat of a tradition for me to write a basketball related post after the NBA finals. Why I do this, is very simple, I like basketball, a lot. In fact, I started to like basketball before I started to even watch football, ironically, the first football game I ever watched was the Superbowl between thePatriots and the Eagles, but that's neither here nor there. The other reason why I choose to do this is because there's not much things to talk about this time of year, unless you want to talk about Sam Bradford's make it or break it season for Sam Bradford to generate a lot of comments, but I stopped believing in fairy tales a long time ago. Now, it comes down to what about basketball I want to talk about. I could talk about how Lebron is better than Kobe, but I've proven that point. I could talk about whether this years spurs is the best team ever, but that's just hyperbole. So, with that, I will do something simple. I will create an all time roster. This roster will not be just a thrown together roster of the greatest players of all time, but a combined roster that I believe that would work together in a scheme, which means I will also pick a coach. In addition to my roster, I will pose a question at the end of this post that can be argued in the comment section in addition. I remind everyone that this is just a fun article and I encourage you to have fun to, enjoy.



I will first give you my Coach and Roster, and then explain it below that.

Coach and Roster:

Coach: Pat Riley

Point Guard: Ray Allen

Shooting Guard: Reggie Miller

Small Forward: Lebron James

Power Foward: Kevin Durant

Center: Bill Russell


Coach: My scheme uses quickness, as well as picks and curls to get the best shot possible, this offense runs on efficiency.The reason why I chose Pat Riley as my coach is because I want to run a run and gun type offense, similar to the Heat of the past 3 years and the Showtime Lakers of the 80's. Pat Riley was the mastermind of them times, so it would make sense for him to be my coach. The other reason why I chose him is because he also established himself as a defensive coach in the 90's with the Knicks. He showed an ability to work with what he had during his career.

Point Guard: No, Ray Allen is not the greatest point guard of all time, but what he is, is one of the greatest shooters of all time and one of the greatest "clutch" shooters of all time. You may argue whether or not clutch even exists, but you can not argue that this man will take the shot when it matter most and seems to thrive in it. The other big reason why I picked him is because I don't need a dominate Point Guard, I need one that will not clog up my lane for my slashers (Lebron and KD), which in turns means he can shoot from the perimeter, which with Ray Allen, I accomplish both.

Shooting Guard: I picked Reggie Miller for some of the same reason why I chose Ray Allen. Reggie Miller, like Ray Allen, is one of the most prolific 3 point shooters in NBA history. Along with that, Miller constantly came off picks and curls for open looks that allowed him to become so lethal from downtown, which is exactly what I would need him to do in my system. He doesn't need to create his own shot, just work with the system and score.

Small Foward: I chose Lebron simply to be one of the stars on my team, which he does with greatness. The main reason why I chose him was not because of his scoring ability, but mainly because of his all around ability to not only score, but to keep his other teammates involved. Lebron is one of the best players that I've ever personally seen, all around, plus I know he fits my scheme because he's playing in it right now. He can play the point if I need it and is one of the few players in NBA history who can take a game over by himself. The last reason I chose him is because he can play at any position and defend every position, which goes along with his versatility.

Power Foward: I chose Kevin Durant for many of the same reasons as I chose Lebron James, he's my other superstar on the team. Kevin Durant is probably the most versatile scorer that I've ever seen, and runs a similar style of offense in OKC. I think the big thing to point out about Lebron and KD is, yes they're both alpha males of their teams, but at the same time, they're extremely unselfish and have no problem passing the ball when it's needed. With an improving defense, he fits perfectly.

Center: And we finally come to Bill Russell, when it comes to the center position, it was hard for me to choose from the multiple great Centers in history. I could have chose Shaq or Wilt, but I don't need a great scorer, what I needed was a great defender and rebounder, which are both specialties of Russell's. If you doubt his ability, he was the only player of his era that could consistently guard Wilt Chamberlain. When it comes down to rebounding, as of right now, Russell is 2nd all time when it comes to that category. I don't need him to score, I just need him to lock down the paint, play great defense, and get me rebound with a few points here and there, which he was very capable of.

I think what would make this team really great, is all of these players have one thing on their mind, which is winning, Their not selfish, they don't want anything else, but to win, which is why I think they would work well together.

Now the question, during the 2000's, which franchise do you think has been the better, the Spurs, or the Lakers? I'll reply to your comment with my answer and we can discuss it.

I encourage you to play along if you want, tell me what you think of the team or what I could have done better.

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