As I go through the motions of the off season, I have a few motivations and things to keep my mind busy until football gets here. There's my PS4, which I just bought my first game for (MLB The Show 14), there's the NBA Finals, and work. In between my busy work load, I can't help, but wonder about the everyday boring news of the off season, I get bored. So, here are some of the burning question that have went through my mind.

Warning: If you don't like bad language, this is not the article for you...



Why in the hell do people say that this is Sam Bradford's "make it or break it" season?

Like, how many times do we have to go through this, let me make this easy for you, no, this is not his make it or break it season. It only becomes so if Fisher says so, which he has not. He's even went as far as to say that the Rams are ready to negotiate a contract extension for Sam. Fisher has had multiple chances to trade Sam in the past and has not even entertained it. There is no make it or break it season, leave it alone. If Fisher wants Sam to stay, that's the way it will be, period. How long have we went through this, what, the previous 3 off season?! Stop it...

Why did Colin Kaepernick get so much money?

Look, I admit that Kaepernick is a good, potentially great Quarterback, but I see no way in blue hell he is worth a 126 million dollar contract that guarantees the most money, ever. But, hey, lets just say that he is, why would you take that much money as a QB who relies so much on his defense to make the important plays for you. He is no Brady, or Manning, or Brees, or Rodgers. He NEEDS his defense, so by taking this big ass contract, what he has guaranteed is this team will have to cut ties with some play makers on both sides of the ball. That would be too big of a loss to me if I'm Kaepernick. You might say, but RG31, he lead his team to a Superbowl and NFC Championship, but let me ask you this, did he lead that team to those games, or did the defense? Sure, he's better than Alex Smith, but can you me Alex Smith couldn't have done the same for a fraction of the cost? Yes, quarterback is an important, but is it worth sacrificing so much? Is it worth more than a great defense? If you think so, every Superbowl winning team from this decade would like a talk with you, good like 49ers...

With Colin Kaepernick raking in so much money, how much will Cam Newton andRussell Wilson demand if they continue to be good?

I don't have a lot to add on this one, just think about that for a second. Hell, there's already an article up on saying Russell Wilson will likely be worth 20 million a year (I will post below this.) My big question is, why would these Quarterbacks that depend so much on their defenses take so much? I'm not trying to bash these guys, if it sounds like I am. Hell, get as much as you can, the market demands it, but don't get mad when you're sitting at home in the playoffs. Also, don't be mad when your teammates won't take a pay cut, because don't they deserve their money as well? The great thing about this is teams will really have to consider if their Quarterbacks are big time, because if they're wrong, they could set their teams back worst than ever before. The bar has been set, get ready...

RAPID FIRE!! (Warning: This is not just going to be about football)

Why every time the Heat lose, Lebron's a choker, but every time they win, people blame the refs?

Why do people go to a restaurant 5-10 minutes before they close, don't they know the employees hate them?

Why do people still think Lebron isn't clutch?

Why do I not like baseball, but I like playing the game?

Why do people hope Sam Bradford doesn't succeed? Don't they know if he fails, the team fails to?

Who else read's RVB's posts about Sam Bradford just to see if he stuck a dig in there about Sam, shit's too good to pass up man...

Why do ESPN analysts predict a shit load of crap before the season, then on the off chance they get something right, they gloat about it? It's like, yes you got that one thing right, but what about all them "break through" players you predicted?

Hell, on that note, why in the fuck do Mel Kiper and Todd McShay got a job, THEY'RE ALWAYS WRONG! And on the off chance they do get something right, even Stevie Wonder could see the shit coming!

Also, why do people say that Relapse is where Eminem fell off, it had some of his best beats, flows, and lyrics, fuck out of here...

Alright, one more and I'm done..

Why in the blue hell do people say the new Camaros look like the older ones? NO THEY DON'T! They still look good though....

Hmm, that was a bit long than I intended.... oh well, good day to you...

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