The Second Coming Of The Fearsome Foursome Needs a New Name

With DT Aaron Donald penciled in as a first-day starter, Jeff Fisher and Les Snead put in place the final cornerstone of what may be one of the greatest defensive lines of the modern day. While I was surprised and disappointed in the Rams not going with a flashier pick, I can't argue with the end result.

Four starters, four first-round picks. Quinn, Donald, Brockers, Long. The best pair of edge rushers in the NFL, one of them the most dynamic pass rusher and fumble factory in the game, combined with two stout run stuffers, all backed up by an unbelievably capable second string.

Going into the season, this will be one of the most feared defensive lines in the league. It almost reminds me of the last few years the Cardinals had with Albert Pujols as the most feared hitter in baseball. After the disappointment we saw last year at the wide receiver position, I'm generally pretty reluctant to engage in that sort of "one player will help the others play better" speculation again, but I think this situation deserves it. Robert Quinn regularly drew, and often easily dealt with, double- and triple-teams and holds more than any other player last year. Who will be able to stand against this mighty front?

As such, I feel that a new moniker must be created, post-haste. Out of respect for the original Fearsome Foursome, and desire for originality, we can't just call them the "Second Coming", though I've used that to refer to what they've been building for years now. No, we need a different name. So here are some suggestions:

  • "The Storm Cell". With White Thunder and Black Lightning already, I think it neatly fits. And what flies around in the middle of any powerful Storm Cell? I submit "The Green Tornado" for Donald (green because he's a rookie), and "The Big Red Barn" for Brockers.
  • "The People's Quarterback Contract Liberation Front". This one's somewhat self-explanatory. These dudes are gonna make a *lot* of quarterbacks look pretty bad. Their days, and shit, will be ruined, and many an NFL GM will be forced to "liberate" their contracts from their payrolls, or (hopefully, for their sake, not) injured reserve lists.
  • "The Pocket Picking Football Eaters". So named for the number of balls that shall be stolen from opposing offenses' pockets.
  • "The Sackers of The Dome". A little history reference in there.

Feel free to add yours in the comments!

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