Not Sexy But Smart

Leading up to the 2014 NFL Draft, much was desired for Rams fans. Mock draft after mock draft, rumors swirling, and expectations high for Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher and GM Les Snead. I for one, was trying not to buy into all the hype and mock drafts predicting the moves the Rams would make come draft day. However, that was impossible not to get caught up in the whirlwind of possible moves and draft day selections.

So, here came Day 1 of the 2014 NFL draft and the Rams are on the clock...

With the 2nd overall pick the in the 2014 NFL Draft the St. Louis Rams select...Greg Robinson, Offensive Tackle, Auburn.

Now, this pick was definitely not the sexy pick that most NFL fans come accustom to loving, but as a St. Louis Rams fan, I was extremely satisfied with this pick. And here are some reasons why.

In our division we have to deal with the likes of defensive fronts of San Francisco, Seattle, and up and coming Arizona. There is one thing consistent about these teams and that is a good if not great front seven. In the games we struggled last year we could not run the football. Yes, Bradford was out and Clemens was our quarterback but in the offensive we run we need to have an effective running game. The last game of the year was a struggle, to put it lightly, to run the ball. In comes probably the best run blocking offensive lineman from college. I like Robinson's versatility and I see him potential playing LT until Long comes back and then moving to LG barring we don't draft a OG in the 2nd round. If that is the case expect Robinson to be starting at RT.

Another reason this pick was the correct pick for us is the injury history across our offensive line in Jake Long, Roger Saffold, and Scott Wells. We struggle to say the least to stay healthy and adding a player like Robinson who could play all positions besides center strengths the line and gives us depth.

With the 13th overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft the St. Louis Rams select...Aaron Donald, Defensive Tackle, Pittsburgh.

I for one was a little surprised by this pick and also that Donald fell all the way to 13. I fully expected him to be gone in the first 10 selections. But everyone else's loss is our gain. Now I know our D-Line is the strongest entity on our team but at this selection it is all about BPA. Yes we need to up our secondary and we can still address those needs in the second round of the draft.

I like this pick again for multiple reasons. Again we play tough offensive lines in our division and play against mobile quarterbacks and adding another player like Donald who is more of a pure pass rusher from the 3 technique will help us put more pressure on Kaepernick and Wilson.

Also, this now gives us 4 first round picks starting on our D-Line and gives us a strong foundation for the future of the franchise. I for one am excited to watch the Rams go after the quarterback in 2014.

Like I said not the sexy picks of a Watkins, Evans, or Clinton-Dix but these picks were effective and smart decisions. Go Rams!

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