Dream Mock Draft: rd 1

This is my dream scenario for how today could turn out.

1st: Clowney is going #1 overall. Which consense has, shocker, finally brought us back to.

2) Trade DOWN with ATL for their 6, round 2, round 5, and round 2 next year
Atlanta drafts Mack because he is used to playing on a defense without help.
This price is way less steep than the standard Falcons move up due to starting at pick 6

Rams Picks:

6) Greg Robinson. Falling back 4 picks, Mr. Robinson will likely still be on the board.
Lots of writing on him already

9) Aaron Donald
Watching Aaron donald miraculously fall past minn, we trade up to pick 9 for our pick 12 and a 3rd and 4th round pick.
--Given that Minnesota likes to use smoke screens to manipulate other teams and the board, I think its possible that this could happen.
--this price is still giving Minn a big W on the trade, but we have a deep roster and need studs: Donald is a stud.


Pick 23: Anthony Barr
The Rams trade up with the Chiefs (or the Boys above them). This should cost them a round 2, and 1 or 2 round 3 picks (with 2 round 3s netting us a 4 or 5 or something) The ammo for this is there, given that we traded back from pick 2.
I have a feeling that Anthony Barr could be the man to drop down draft boards like Sharrif Floyd and Cordarelle Patterson last year. Lots of athleticism and potential, he lacks polish and could struggle out the gates in the NFL until his technique develops.

However, Barr started his college career at RB and so being unpolished makes more sense. He could immediately be plugged in as a strongside LB on running downs and slide down to the LOS on passing downs Hayes/Long can move inside to the 1 or 3 tech)
This is the Von Miller role in a 4-3 defense, and while Barr does not appear to be Miller, his upside is phenomonal.
I also think it is possible that either Haha or Pryor could slip down into the 20s, and I believe that the Rams should make the same trade up if either of them is available instead.
That would give the Rams the best front 4 in football, specializing in disruption, the best guard we've had since Timmerman (who will get better), and another impact defender to harass the opposition.

Its time for studs to vault us to the next level, and this is how to get them.
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