Ewe's Ramdom Draft Thoughts!

All the Manziel talk is a lot of hot air to scare a team like Cleveland to trade up for Johnny Manziel. I've good gold and blue blooded Ram Fan, and so I do my part, and scream, " Draft Johnny Football!" Nudge nudge

Rams most likely trade partners: Atlanta and Minnesota. Cleveland is a distant 3rd. Atlanta would move up for Mack or Clowney. We would get more for Clowney, but expect a Atlanta's 2nd round pick at the very most for Mack. Minnesota wants a QB. And they would have to give a #1 next year to move up to 2. What Snead really wants to do, that he'd pee in his pants in front of Fisher if it could happen is: Trade down to Cleveland and get a 2nd round pick, ( although Snead would take a 3rd and 4 th rounder) , then trade down to Atlanta for a 2nd round pick and then trade down to Minnesota for another 2nd round pick. And then Snead would pick Mathews or Evans at 8. If all that happened, and Evans was available at 8, then Snead will try to trade down again with Detroit at 10 and take Justin Gilbert with our first pick! And that's what you call...Best Case Scenario Folks! Snead want to trade #2 down incrementally and obtain as many extra 2nd round picks as possible. Will it happen? I would stand and cheer if Snead pulled it off!

Look for Oakland and Tampa Bay to trade down. Houston wants a QB but it's hard to trade down out of #1 because Snead can undercut Houston, Houston's #1 is as expensive as Macy's and We want to trade down incrementally one 2nd rounder at a time.

If Jadeveon Clowney falls to us at #2, Les Snead will attempt to trade down for even more valuable extra draft picks. Look for Rams to trade Clowney to Atlanta. That's worth a 2015 #1. Then Rams will attempt to trade down #6 to Minnesota at 8. If the Rams are not able to move #2 pick, then Jadeveon Clowney will be a Ram! Mark my words.

At first glance , Khalil Mack is a great fit for the Rams, but Khalil Mack's film is overrated. Sure Mack had 2 1/2 sacks against Ohio State. What you probably don't know is that he got those sacks against a teenager. A sophomore. And he wasn't double teamed on any of those sacks. I watched a bunch of film on Clowney and Mack. Clowney is vastly superior on film. Mack would disappear for a half here and a quarter there, against teams line the Stony Brook Seawolves. What a cool Mascot name!

CB Darqueez Dennard makes me very nervous because he had 4 injuries during his college career.

3 to 5 CB's could come off the board before the first safety. Not enough value for the Rams to reach for a safety at 13.

Age Matters- Khalil Mack and Robert Quinn are 23 years old. Alec Ogletree and Jake Mathews are 22. Jadeveon Clowney, Johnny Manziel, and Greg Robinson are 21 Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans are 20 years old

I would rather draft a younger player. Quinn and Mack are the same age, but 2014 will be Quinn's 4th year in the league. Khalil Mack is a great athlete playing against boys at little schools. That makes me nervous. At the other end of the spectrum. Look at Watkins and Evans. Only 20 years old. Can you remember has much stronger you were at 23 then 20? How much more mature? Think about the age of these draft prospects. I don't want Mack at 2. Maybe Mack if we trade back, but then I would rather take Evans or one the OT's.

If Houston drafts Jadeveon Clowney and Les Snead can't move #2 I want the Rams to draft Sammy Watkins.

Since we have #2 pick and #13 pick, Snead and Fisher have think in pairs. So let's look at possible pairs.

Jadeveon Clowney and Zack Martin

Jadeveon Clowney and Justin Gilbert

Clowney and Aaron Donald

Clowney and a safety like Clinton-Dix or Calvin Pryor

Watkins and Gilbert

Watkins and Aaron Donald

Please Pair other combinations in your head. I want a wide receiver with our first pick, because that allows Us more flexibility at 13. There aren't any WR's worth drafting at 13.

And it's easier to pair Watkins or Evans with (Gilbert, Pryor, Clinton Dix, Lewan, Zack Martin, Manziel, Anthony Barr or Aaron Donald.) At least two of those players will be available at 13. If we choose Robinson or Mathews then that eliminates wide receivers, and offensive linemen at 13. Do you understand what I'm saying.

We could trade back both #2 and #13. I don't think Rams want to pick a safety at 13.

Players I haven't mentioned in play if Rams trade #13 down- CJ Mosely, Odell Becham Jr., Kyle Fuller, Bradly Robey

Rams could trade UP their 2nd pick into the first round if they spot a player they want badly. Maybe Ryan Shazier.

Rams will package a bunch of 7th, 6th and 5th draft picks to move up and draft value. If the Rams trade back #2 and #13 then we would end up with 14 picks. No way 14 players make our squad. Draft for value versus quantity.

It's possible Rams trade picks for a Vet on draft day. I would love the Rams to trade a 6th round pick for a proven Vet. Proven vets are....Proven, while 6th round picks rarely contribute outside of special teams.

Fisher loves defense and I thing Gregg Williams has Fisher's ear more than Schottenheimer. So don't be surprised if 3 out of Rams first 5 picks are defense..

My best prediction is Rams draft Mathews and Manziel with their first two picks.

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