The NFL Draft: One Last Mock Draft

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Is it Thursday yet?


R1: Sammy Watkins
Sammy Watkins

I just can't do it. I've mocked Clowney, Robinson and Watkins at this pick and as much as I'd love to go with Mack or Matthews (the former of which is a serious dark horse for this pick) - The Rams just can't afford to pass on Watkins.

And they shouldn't.

Brian Schottenheimer has been on a slippery slope ever since arriving in St. Louis, and for good reason. Can he adequately use him? It's a valid question, but with Watkins, Austin and Cook on the field, the Rams have more talent than they've had at the position in a decade.

That's just not something you can pass on.

R1: Zach Martin
Zach Martin
OG, Notre Dame

The entire offensive staff went to Notre Dame and I'm sure Martin was at least on their radar. Martin would be a shoo-in at the one spot the Rams have a question mark at (Left Guard). He could also play tackle and having that kind of swing man with the Rams injury history on the line is invaluable.

Martin is one of the safest picks in the draft. Give Boudreau some love Fisher, that's all we're asking.

R2: Deone Bucannon
Deone Bucannon
FS, Washington State

The Rams can't go into Round 3 without a safety, unless someone drops. It isn't a very deep class to begin with, so they need to find a difference maker by the second day.

Enter Bucannon.

Bucannon has excellent closing speed, good ball skills and hits like a freight train. His versatility as both a Free and Strong safety would fit right in with Gregg Williams' desire to have interchangeable safeties.

R3: Jaylen Watkins
R3: Jaylen Watkins

What's better than one Watkins'? TWO! As deep as the corner class is, it doesn't make sense for the Rams to go with someone in the first round. There isn't one true shutdown, no flaws corner. Don't take the bait.

What the Rams can do, however, is jump on the depth at the position. Jaylen Watkins is a mature, dependable player with solid skills across the board. He's got the measurables you're looking for (4.41 forty at the combine) and is a solid tackler and is aggressive and physical in coverage.

R4: Aaron Murray
Aaron Murray
QB, Georgia

Tom Savage may be the name climbing up all the charts, but don't overlook Murray. An ACL injury derailed his senior season, but he's still a solid option in the middle rounds of the draft. He may not have ideal height, but his pocket awareness, quick delivery and experience make him a viable QB candidate to groom.

R5: Kevin Pierre-Lewis
Kevin Pierre-Lewis
OLB, Boston College

When you get down to these rounds, it becomes difficult for it to be anything but wish fulfillment in a mock draft. Pierre-Lewis is a tweener, but you aren't going to find much else wrong with him as a player.

He's fast, versatile (special teams experience) and is aggressive whenever he's around the ball (which is always). His explosive first step and overall quickness make him an interesting enough rush linebacker project for the Rams, regardless of the current depth at LB.

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