Random Ramsdom: 5/6 We Are Two Days Away

Scott Halleran

With only two days left before the 2014 NFL draft, I think I speak for everyone that says that we can start to feel the relief that we have craved for about two more weeks longer than what we are used to. Well it is almost over, and rumors are running rampant!!!

Bradford is probably going to be the starter in 2014 - Pro Football Talk

Chances are Sam Bradford has nothing to worry about. Everyone has to remember that this time of year there is very little that you should believe. If nothing else the Rams are doing an excellent job of drumming up interest in not only their pick at No. 2, but both first round picks.

Sammy Watkins - St. Louis Rams.com

There are some Sammy Watkins fans that are going to love this.....

All 7 rounds mocked just for you - Bleacher Report

You can't live during draft season and not have a gander at a few mock drafts. But the best kind of mocks are the ones that include 7 rounds.

Rams continue to bring in receivers - St. Louis Post Dispatch

It took a year, but hey its like they say, better late than never. The Rams finally get the chance to bring in a receiver that they showed interest in last year, with the signing of TJ Moe.

Should the Rams be more focused on quality over quantity? -ESPN.com

I, for one, am a believer in quality, but in a draft where the quality comes in quantity, I have no issue with collecting picks. But the argument can always be made for just going after those 2-3 guys that just seems to be above the rest.

Vikes interested in Bradford? - Ramblin Fan

Rumors are like wild fire, they can start off relatively small but can spread in rapidly in the blink of an eye. A quiet off-season for the Rams has become one of the noisiest in only a few short weeks.

Rams drafting an o-lineman? - St. Louis Post Dispatch

Could the unfolding of the draft really force the Rams hand into drafting an offensive lineman?

Hey rooks!!! don't be expecting a raise!!!

Top 5 players for the Rams - Bleacher Report

Who might be the most likeliest top five prospects on the St. Louis Rams big board this year?

Are the Rams doing the right thing drafting a quarterback? - St. Louis Post Dispatch

There are a lot of reasons for the Rams to draft a quarterback this year. But are there as many reasons to avoid a drafting a quarterback?

Smokescreens every where right about now - NFL.com

Smoking like a chimney over a Cuban cigar lounge, with a hookah factory in the basement.

What are the Rams biggest needs? - Bleacher Report

What positions should the Rams be focused on the most in the 2014 NFL Draft?

2014 NFL Draft's top receivers - St. Louis Rams.com

The top prospects at the receiver position are Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans, but what is it that separates them from the rest of the pack?

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