My Last Mock too--maybe?

Well, the draft is close now and I thought there would be many trades in the top 10. However, the way it seems to be shaking out the Rams might not have a trading partner. The Jags will be happy at 3 whether they get Sammy or Mack. The Brownies seem like they are ready to ride the Johnny Football roller coaster or take a tackle. I feel like Oakland may settle for a tackle as well. Falcons seem like they are comfortable with either Barr or Mathews as both fit their needs.

As noted by other fans, the franchise that might move is Detroit in order to complete their receiver corp. But Detroit's #10 pick takes us out of our sweet spot too. The way I see it, the draft will be mostly chalk with the consensus highest rated players mostly going in order with team needs also playing a part.

Here's my first few rounds with the hope that FishLes will use the extra 6th and 7th rounders to move up in the mid rounds to fill out O line needs.

1.2 Kahlil Mack--OLB is a position of need and he's an impact player and BPA in my opinion..

1.13 Justin Gilbert--CB. Skilled CBs are just harder to find than safeties. HaHa if he's gone. Dennard if both are gone.

2.12 Ju'wuan James--Solid OT and bound to improve under the best OL coach in the league.

2.28 Trade with Panthers Rams give up 3.11 and conditional 6th and 7th rounders to pick up Gabe Jackson-OG

3.11 Now belongs to Jax.

4.12 Ahmad Dixon--S (Baylor). He's a poor man's HaHa. Good cover guy, good speed and a ball hawk. Should thrive under Greg.

5.12 David Fales--QB. Could be the steel of the draft. Under the radar now, but...

6.12 Tyler Gaffney--RB. Might have to move back into the 5th to get him. Call him a taller Zac Stacey with more of a slashing running style and a little better receiver. (Zac is very underrated aa a receiver).

I hope we have used up all of our conditional picks in order to get the players we want. I loved that strategy last year and would focus on that strategy again.

My favorite values are Gilbert ( I see him as Patrick Peterson 2.0), Gabe Jackson (Great SEC Mauler), and Tyler Gaffney (Think of Matt Forte possibly?)

What do y'all think?

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