Brian Quick: The Emphatic Enigma

Coming up on his third year wearing the horns, Brian Quick was projected by some to be a Terrell Owens type of player. After his disappointing first two seasons, I have reason to believe that Brian Quick will break out onto the scene in 2014...... or 2015.

First off, let me start by saying that I used to be a Quick heckler like many of you are (but then I took an arrow to the knee). It made me so infuriated that I did some soul searching as well as some intense research. How could a physical specimen like Brian Quick not be excelling in the NFL? Well lets take a look at some of his stats over his frst two years.

2012 15 11 28 156 14.2 39 2 6 0 0
2013 16 18 36 302 16.8 73 2 15 0 0
Career 31 29 64 458 15.8 73 4 21 0 0

Not very impressive right? Now lets compare this to our other receivers on the team.

Jared Cook 51 83 671 13.2 5 47 9 41.9 1 1 273 34
Chris Givens 34 83 569 16.7 0 47 13 35.6 1 1 264 27
Tavon Austin 40 69 418 10.5 4 81 5 32.2 1 1 232 17
Austin Pettis 38 63 399 10.5 4 31 4 24.9 0 0 118 25
Brian Quick 18 36 302 16.8 2 73 5 18.9 0 0 109 15
Lance Kendricks 32 46 258 8.1 4 21 1 17.2 0 0 112 16
Stedman Bailey 17 25 226 13.3 0 28 2 14.1 0 0 41 10

What do you notice? Well for starters, Quick didn't get in the game that often. He was only targeted 36 times which is second to last for the team. But what stands out? He had the highest average yards per reception out of anyone on the team including Givens who had 13 receptions of over 20+ yards. What does that tell me? Quick has everything there. His speed, size, separation and hands are all pro-caliber. His route running, play recognition, and football mind, however, are the main reasons he's not seeing playing time. With Bradford making his final stand, he's gonna need a number one receiver to help him make the playoffs especially since the passing game will thrive off the run game. He's gonna sit down with Brian and give him a talking to. "Listen here big guy, I need you out there. So lets go over these plays together and make this thing happen." Sounds reasonable to me. Not only will Quick help out on the passing game, he'd be a big bodied blocker who could help out in creating holes for Stacy/Mason.

When Quick was originally drafted,we knew we'd have to mold him into an elite receiver and that would take time. Well Rams fans, time's up! The cookie is out of the oven, the bread is going in the basket because Brian Quick is getting sh*t done!

Oh and here are just some glimpses of this big boy's potential...

Why yes, that is Janoris Jenkins


And yes, that is a 73 yard pass from Sam Bradford

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