2014 Roster

Hey Rams family! Now that my 2015 Rams preview is out there I think I'll come back to Earth and return to the now! Here is my stab at how our 53 man roster will look come Game 1 against the Minnesota Bridgewaters! I'm not going to lie, this is kind of a mix of what I want to happen and what I think will!




Sam Bradford

Shaun Hill

I've seen a lot of Rams roster predictions that have Rams rolling with these two while Gilbert remains on the practice squad and I'm going to buy into that. Why spend a roster space on a raw guy we are trying to develop into a future back-up? We have too much young talent that need spots to suck up one holding onto 3 QBs. If something bad happens we can always being him up from the PS.

Running Back

Zac Stacy

Tre Mason

Bam Bam Cunningham

Chase Reynolds

The first three should be no suprise. They will bring a strong running game to the turf. The fourth one may be a little bit of a surpise. The 4th guy will essentially be a special teams guy, and Reynolds has held that job for a while. I've heard from Rams insiders that Pead's work ethic and attitude hav been bad, and not getting better. Also I've heard from a couple Rams insiders some news I will keep private for now, but it leads many to believe Pead's days in the Lou are numbered. I think Pead will be gone and with DRich already gone, Chase will live to fight another day.

Wide Recievers

Tavon Austin

Kenny Britt

Chris Givens

Brian Quick

Austin Pettis

Once agin, the first 5 should be of little suprise. Tavon and Givens are looking to have big rebound years, Britt and Quick need to prove that one of the two can give the Rams their answer on the outside, and Pettis will hopefully just be nice depth. Bailey is absent from this list due to his suspension, which means when he comes back, someone may have to be released or demoted to the PS. But that will all depend on performances and injuries, so it is too early to predict where that removal would come from.

Tight Ends

Jared Cook

Lance Kendricks

Corey Harkey

Alex Bayer

Rams roll with 4 TEs, and hopefully Cook and Kendricks can display some more consistency with the potential they have so many times flashed. Harkey proved to be some nice depth last year, making a few plays during his opportunities. Bayer is a UDFA Rams really gunned for and I think he will earn his way into our 4th TE spot.

Offensive Line

Jake Long

Greg Robinson

Rodger Saffold

Joe Barksdale

Scott Wells

Barret Jones

Tim Barnes

Mitchell Van Dyk

Demetrius Rhaney

Brandon Washington

Our first five will be our starting five, although I do think either Barnes or Jones will replace Wells by the end of the season. Both Jones/Rhaney are versatile, young players (Which Fisher and companay love, especially considering our injury problems) so I think they will make it. I think Van Dyk and Washington will be nice developmental projects for Coach B. And no, I don't think our recent OL signing Bond makes it.

Defensive Line

Robert Quinn

Chris Long

William Hayes

Eugene Sims

Michael Sam

Michael Brockers

Aaron Donald

Kendall Langford

Alex Carrington

The first four DEs should be no surprise, they comprise the strongest unit of our team. The last 4 DTs should also not surprise anyone as they could really be something special too. But it is once again Michael Sam who will draw the attention here. I think Sam will make it, he is a very talented player who just knows how to play football well. I am always fans of those guys. You know, the ones who people doubt because of their measurables, but they are great players. Those guys have a knack for winning in the end. Sam will be a solid play on special teams, and provide depth at DE/OLB.


Alec Ogletree

James Laurinaitus

JoLonn Dunbar

Ray Ray Armstrong

Darren Bates

Phillip Steward

The first three will obviosuly be our starters, with Armstrong being the next man up, and possible heir to the 3rd OLB spot next year. Bates proved himself to be a very nice special teams addition last year and I've always been a fan of Steward.


Janoris Jenkins

Trumaine Johnson

Lamarcus Joyner

Marcus Roberson

EJ Gaines

Greg Reid

Once again, the first two should be no surprise, as they will be our returning starters. Joyner, Roberson, Gaines, and Reid all ooze talent and could all see playing time at various positions. Joyner and Gaines can also play some "safety" so that may help them out a ton. Reid will ne the nickel guy behind Joyner. I love Roberson and think he could actually replace Johnson eventually on the outside. Yes, he's that good. The suprise here is McGee. I wasn't a fan of the McGee pick and would be upset if we walked alway from one of these talented players for him. The only way I can see him making it is if Reid just isn't ready due to his injury or time away from football.


TJ McDonald

Rodney McLeod

Mo Alexander

Christian Bryant

I only have four here, but as I said before, a couple of our CB's may play safety, or something similar due to the scheme. McDonald will start, while McLeod and Alexander battle for the other spot. I think Bryant has the talent to be good depth and a good ST player, but heard injury may hold him back. He'll have tough competion though in Matt Daniels and Cody Davis.

Special Teams

Greg Zuerlein

Johnny Hekker

Jake McQuaid

Not much to say here. These guys are great at what they do.



Who to Watch

There are a few bubble guys that could easily make the roster instead of one of the guys I listed. In the secondary Brandon McGee, Matt Daniels, and Cody Davis all have a pretty good shot at returning. I axed Pead but maybe due to how high he was picked they will give him another shot to play ST or run behind the big ol'GRob. On the line Hooey and Bond could usurp one of the other depth guys. Sammy Brown and Matt Conrath will be battling to reurn as well. But the guys that will really be interesting to watch are some of these UDFAs. TJ Moe, Austin Franklin, and Jamaine Sherman are interesting guys to keep an eye on to man Bailey's spot while he is gone. Franklin plays a lot like Bailey and Sherman is a small school guy with the size who could maybe provide a higher ceiling than Pettis. TJ Moe wasn't a UDFA for us, he was one for the Patriots last year but never played due to injury. Many liked him as a sleeper last year and saw him as Amendola 2.0. I think if any WR mans the 6th spot at the start it will be Moe, I really like his game. Trey Watts is an electryfying small school running back a lot of teams were after in UDFA, so maybe he could take the 4th RB spot if the team believes Pead/Reynolds aren't needed as much for the ST. Kadeem Jones is a very talented full back who could provide the blocking Rams are looking for. Avery Cunningham is a small school safety who could earn his way into the team's heart with his skillful play. And lastly, Aaron Hill is a linebacker who could beat out Steward or Brown for the LB spot with good special teams play or nice projection as a future LB behind JL55. These guys will be exciting to watch and could easily surprise us by nabbing a roster spot.


Once again, I apologize for errors, still using this junk computer while my other gets fixed and once again I am writing in zombie mode. I am really excited to see how camp plays out and know this team has the talent to go far. It is going to be a big year! Be sure to follow me @Rams_Bulls_News if you would like to debate, hang out, and share thoughts with me more often!

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