Actions speak louder than words.

The silence before the draft was killing but the untrue rumors were worse – some borderline hysterical. My personal fave was ‘Rams will take Johnny Manziel’ by Tostitos. I think that was right before he got banned or changed his name to Master Hype or something.

But as the facts roll in as to what actually happened on draft day to me an amazing thing jumped out and spoke volumes for what Kevin Demoff, Les Snead, and Jeff Fishers’ plans are for 2014.

They’re ALL-IN.

There is no more ‘future’ crap.

The time is NOW.

I never thought I’d say this. I never thought this would happen. I thought, if offered, Les Snead would definitely trade down from our #2 pick if we could get another 1st rounder next year ala the RG3 trade (or close to it) - and keep the ‘2 x 1st-round picks per year’ flow going. I mean, that would be good wouldn’t it? It could even mean the #1 overall pick in 2015 if it was from a crappy team like The Bills.

I mean, that’s what I would have done (and why I'm not a GM). You could trade #2 down (like we’ve been doing) and get even more picks etc and keep it all going and going and going.

But not this front office. They ignored offers for #2, especially from the Bills. They didn’t care about getting more picks into the future. They turned them down. Cold. The answer was NO – basically saying **** the future. We don’t care about that. We have to win NOW.

To me, this is amazing and great and scary all at the same time. I’ve been used to our doormat status (even though it sucks). I’ve been happy with the ‘rebuilding process’ because I can see that Seattle and San Fran are still more talented then we are. To me, we still need a lot more players than Greg Robinson – but not in the Rams FO eyes. He, that one man, Mr. Robinson, was so freaking bad-ass we had to take him. He – in their eyes was the final piece to rip the freaking hearts out of our most hated opponents – our divisional rivals.

I think our front office has identified our main rivals (Sea/SF/Ariz) biggest weakness on defense being their collective D-lines (as compared to their secondaries or linebacking crews), and knowing our run-first approach worked best, has decided to exploit that to the hilt – at the potential risk of their jobs – if it fails.

Which means

2014 is it.

Screw the future picks.

The time is NOW.

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