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Great time for football fans. We are ready and waiting for the next step. Recently I had lost my password and my puter took a dive. So I reopened another account with a twist on my name. I am Rocky. Long time Rams fan. Raised in Texas under the Cowboy regime. My Pop and Bob Lilly were running buddy's. I have a cousin that played for the Eagles named Jerry Sisemoore. So I watched a lot of games on the old black and white Tv. It seens that in my memories of those times it was always snowing.

I have been a Rams fan for 45 years. Love the old guys. And the GSOT era. We are now walking into the next level. A new generation. Good times ahead. Anyway, I recently saw that a few of you suggest trading up after the first wave. And I concur. I feel we can improve our position by drafting 4 to 5 top guys. Even by taking what we trade down for and perhaps our 2016 1st rounder. Let's say to get: Donald/Robinson or Mathews/ Gilbert/Pryor/ and Evans or a rock guard. I worked this out a few times in the "first-pick" draft tool. I had a great draft to share twice. Of course each play out differently by who runs on which position first. Difficult to read sometimes. But I just had one to share with you. n this one we graded very well. And I traded down with an extra 1st gained in 2015 draft. I did not move back up until later. And that was to get Gabe Jackson. In this, I saw early that I would lose my shots at "The Top Tackles" so I wanted to work at future works 2 yrs plus down the line. We had gained the extra 1st in 2015 and given up the ability to trade back up for prime picks early. I found that if we get at least two extra 2nd round and another 3rd, we can find a few teams to trade back up with. In this draft I dropped to get the 2015 pick and got some others but chose to ride it out after my usual targets were gone. I am not a great fan of Dee Ford but at that place he was the only with value. But you can see that I doubled up with a couple of positions to sustain the injury bug. And to mentor into readiness for 2015. We must replace a few veterans, like it or not.

So take a look and give some input toward what you feel we should do. It is getting closer. 5 days away! I believe the waters are settling from the FA splash. Now targets of QB's and Clowney with the top 2 tackles are being defined. We are going to make some moves. Last I must say that the ferver for Watkins and Evans have subsided.Smoke screen???


Your score is: 5508 (GRADE: A)

Your Picks:
Round 1 Pick 19 (MIA): Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma State (A)
Round 1 Pick 24 (CINN): Calvin Pryor, FS, Louisville (A)
Round 2 Pick 5 (ATL): Dee Ford, DE, Auburn (A-)
Round 2 Pick 18 (MIA): JaWuan James, OT, Tennessee (A-)
Round 2 Pick 21 (G.B.): Gabe Jackson, OG, Mississippi State (A-)
Round 2 Pick 25 (S.D.): Kyle Van Noy, OLB, Brigham Young (A)
Round 3 Pick 7 (CLE): Carlos Hyde, RB, Ohio State (A)
Round 3 Pick 17 (MIA): Bashaud Breeland, CB, Clemson (B-)
Round 3 Pick 18 (CHI): Jack Mewhort, OT, Ohio State (B+)
Round 4 Pick 6 (CLE): Demarcus Lawrence, DE, Boise State (A-)
Round 5 Pick 15 (MIA): Brandon Coleman, WR, Rutgers (A)
Round 5 Pick 26 (IND): A.J. McCarron, QB, Alabama (A)
Round 6 Pick 38 (COMP): Calvin Barnett, DT, Oklahoma State (B-)
Round 7 Pick 26: James Wilder Jr., RB, Florida State (A)
Round 7 Pick 34 (COMP): Reggie Jordan, FB, Missouri Western State (B)
Round 7 Pick 35 (COMP): Jacob Pedersen, TE, Wisconsin (C)

Your Future Picks:
2015 Round 1 Pick (CINN)
2015 Round 1 Pick
2016 Round 1 Pick

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