The RG3 trade... compare and contrast

So I saw elsewhere how the RG3 trade had been mentioned as the foundation of the Rams moving forward. Fully agree with that. Can't look at it any other way. The Rams needed a mammoth influx of talent across the board, and this trade got it for us. The trade was shown as compared to the Herschel Walker trade, since that's the biggest trade in memory and one that was the building block of the Cowboys dynasty. But... what about the other blockbuster trade of its day?

If you want to have a good laugh (or a good cry, depending on how you take these things), look up what the Rams scored from the Eric Dickerson trade. So I'm looking at that trade, and seeing just how badly the Rams botched it. I'm gonna list all the picks they got from that trade, then I'll grab the first guy taken after them who had a significant impact on the league.

Buffalo 1988 #1 Gaston Green, RB (Anthony Miller, WR - 1 pick later)
Indi 1988 #1 Aaron Cox, WR (Lorenzo White, RB - 2 picks later)
Indi 1988 #2 Fred Strickland, LB (Michael Dean Perry, DT - 3 picks later)
Buffalo 1989 #1 Cleveland Gary, RB (Steve Wisniewski, G - 6 picks later)
Indi 1989 #2 Frank Stams, LB (Robert Massey, CB - 1 pick later)
Buffalo 1989 #2 Darryl Henley, CB (Wesley Walls, TE - 3 picks later)

I only put this up to show just how horribly the Rams botched the draft, so badly that I think it laid the foundation for the team leaving the city. (They also got two RBs in the trade, but somehow drafted two more RBs with 1st round picks.) I also wanted to show what the trade -could- have been for the Rams. And this is a compare/contrast with the RG3 trade.

Brockers - Pro-Bowler in the making
Jenkins - Pro-Bowler once he learns to gamble with a bit more smarts
Pead - ehhhhh....
Watkins - bleeeeeech
Ogletree - Pro-Bowler in the making
Bailey - undetermined, but promising, despite the suspension
Stacy - Pro-Bowler in the making (assuming Mason doesn't steal some of his glory)
Robinson - hasn't played a snap, but it sure feels good

From the St Louis side of the ledger, the RG3 trade is dependent upon one thing and one thing only... how well the team makes use of the picks. Last big trade the team had... fell flat. This time, four players who have flashed Pro-Bowl potential and two on whom the jury is still out. It's looking really good for the team on the cusp of the first season with the full payout of the trade on the field.

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