My personal evaluation of the Ram's UDFA

Snead and Co. signed a total of 15 undrafted free agents to beat out the 24 potential roster cuts.

24 potential roster cuts:

Kenny britt, Austin Pettis, Mike Person, Mason Brodine, Blake Emory, Justice Cunningham, Justin Veltung, Darren Woodard, Sean Hooey, Chase Reynolds, Graham Pocic, Sammy Brown, Phillip Stward, Cody Davis, Brandon Washington, Caleb Mcsturdy, TJ Moe, Daryl Richardson, Isaiah Pead, Quinton Pointer, Matt Conrath, Matt Daniels, Austin Davis, Cory Harkey


The three that stood out to me the most were Alex Bayer, Marcus Roberson, and Kadeem Jones. The rest are in order of who I liked the most.

Alex Bayer

6'4'' 260 lbs / 4.77 40 yard dash / 20 bench press reps / 31 In. vertical
Solid run blocking. High motor, experience out of backfield. Good pass blocker
Good at keeping up with assigned block. Nice reaction time and hands
Not a very good route runner. Not at all.

What I think:
Could make the team. Don't know if better than Harkey

Marcus Roberson CB:

6'0'' 190 lbs / 4.61 40 yard dash / 8 bench press reps / 37 in. vertical
Will lower shoulder and lay a beating.
Will stay with a receiver step for step(If not beat off the line)
Sucks at getting off blocks and making tackles.
Likes to hold receivers faster than him in man.
Struggles against bigger receivers
What I think:
Not the best corner. Seems like he really excels in zone coverage.
I could very much see him being put at Free Safety. It'd be a wise choice.

Kadeem Jones FB:

5'10 266 lbs / 4.94 40 yard dash / 26 bench press reps / 32 in. vertical
Is massive for only being 5'10''
Great hands and body control.

What I think:
He will be given to Paul Bedreou all preseason and be taught how to block.
He will make the team

Johhny Millard LB:
Good in coverage ,good against the run
(In Division 1 Big Sky Conference)

What I think:
Reminds me of a more hyper active James Laurenitits.

Austin Franklin WR:
Makes his living off speed and hops
Good YAC

What I think:
Reminds me of Victor Cruz.
Unpopular opinon



Avery Cunningham S:
Has played against running quarterbacks. I.E. Jordan Lynch
Quick into the pocket when blitzing
Will make pre snap reads and adjustments

Bad hand placement
Okay coverage

What I think:
He is an in the box safety. Very Quetin Mikell-eske

Emmanuel McCray T:
Not any gametape found.
Kid seems to have a lot of heart and his reason to thrive for greatness is inspiring

What I think:
I think the Rams are giving a lot of people their Cinderella chance. and I love it

Jarrid Bryant CB:
Could not find any game tape of him.
Therefore i will not make any profound statements on him based on what i read
Game tape tells everything.

Deantre Harlan DT:
Could not find anything gametape on him.

What I think:
If he makes the team. He is special. I suspect he is a camp body

Aaron Hill LB:
Not much game tape on him. Seems to have big play potential

What I think:
Rams are desperatly trying to find their replacement for Dunbar and depth below.
I don't blame them.

It's going to be exciting to watch what becomes of the Rams. After a decade of constant hounding for my friends about "The Rams suck!" Or " Why did you choose Steven Jackson, when you could have picked Tom Brady?!?"



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