Looking at the best, worst, most surprising picks of the Rams draft

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the NFL Draft is over and we have had some time to think about it, let's look at the draft and I'll tell you who was my favorite, least favorite, and who surprised me.

The St. Louis Rams had one of the best drafts out of all 32 NFL teams. This draft could be what helps the Rams edge the other NFC West teams.

Although the Rams had a really good draft, there's always a favorite pick; a pick you didn't like, and a pick that just surprised you. So right now, I'm going to look at the Rams class and decide how I feel about three players that should end up on the Rams final 53 man roster.

My favorite pick

Aaron Donald - Let me put this on the record, out of all of my draft crushes throughout the years Donald has to be at the top of the list. I wanted the Rams to draft him, but there was never a guarantee that he would fall to the 13th pick, or that the Rams would draft him even if he was there.

Now that Donald is on the team, he fits a role the Rams have missed on the defensive line and that's a good pass rusher. Donald is a great compliment to not only Michael Brockers but also to Kendall Langford. Some people think it's over kill to draft Donald, it's not. The Rams defensive line had one issue last season and that was getting a push inside between the guards, which Donald should be able to do nicely.

Pick I didn't like

Tre Mason - Honestly, I don't know much about Mason at all. But selecting a running back wasn't a high priority in my eyes and the Rams got him in the 3rd round. Obviously they want to run the ball and their two best running backs Zac Stacy and Benny Cunningham, were nicked up throughout their rookie campaigns last season.

Hey I understand what the Rams want from Mason. He's going to be the change of pace back, while Stacy and Cunningham are the foundation backs. Like I said before I haven't had time to dig into the videos of Mason like I want to, but he does have an impressive burst and some good speed. After reading some scouting reports sounds like he's not much of a pass blocker and he's only caught 19 receptions in his career. Sounds like he's a good kickoff returner which is something that the Rams have been looking for the last two seasons.

Most surprising Pick

Maurice Alexander - Who? Alexander is probably the first person that I will watch from this Rams class. He was a surprise in the 4th round, plus he seems to fit the mold of last year's 3rd round choice - T.J. McDonald. He's supposed to be a physically imposing player that can tackle, but he has coverage issues from what I've read.

The Rams probably over-drafted Alexander, but they couldn't draft him in the 5th round because they traded that pick to move up for Lamarcus Joyner, so to make sure they got their guy they drafted him in the 4th round. It makes sense, I'm just curious on if we will see him starting this season, and just how they will use him?

So that's what I think. Now, how do you feel about this draft class?

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