Welcome Aboard Michael Sam, But Watch out for Piranah's!

Rams...Rams! RAMS!!! Here a Ram, There a Ram Everywhere a Ram or Sam!

Rams Have NFL's Best Draft! Rams draft Janitor! Rams draft Michael Sam. What an exciting draft! Anyway, I spent a few hours researching Sams tape and workout performances. What did I see?

Sam's blazing fast first step and ability to bend around offensive tackles, makes Michael a deadly Edge rusher. Take a look yourself. Ewe gives Michael Sam a 4th round grade.

Michael Sam is 6'2 263. Yes, Michael is undersized, but Sam uses that to his advantage by keeping a very low pad level. It's like trying to block a German Shepard Dog. Sam slips quickly by and below offensive tackle's pad level, and makes a bee line to sting and sack the Quarterback. Very quick and low. Even offensive tackles with good knee bend have a difficult time getting low enough to block Sam. If you watched the highlights, you can't help but notice Sams ability to bend around the tackle too. Reminded me of Robert Quinn. Did you know that Sams arm length is 33 3/8 inches? 5/8's of inch shorter than Robert Quinn's. That's a good thing.

Check out Sam first step snap to sack stat. ( I love alliteration) Sam sacked the QB faster than all the other major edge rushers in the draft! Go watch the highights! It took Sam an average of 3.36 seconds to sack the quarterback. Compare that to Khalil Macks 3.54 seconds to sack the quarterback. How can that be Ewe? Sam ran a 40 yard 4.91 at the Combine!

Michael Sam showed up out of shape for the Combine. My theory? After Michael Sams came out publically as Gay man, Sam became a media sensation. Sam was overwhelmed with multiple interviews, and massive media attention. By the time Sams Pro Day rolled around, Sam ran a 4.69 40, improved his vertical leap by 5 inches and bench press by two reps!

A slew of Proactive Gay Groups are going to ask Michael Sam to be a spokesman and give speeches. I hope Michael Sam doesn't feel guilty, when Michael says, " Thank you but No, not right now. I've got to concentrate on football The Rams have the best front four in profootball! I will have to focus every bit of my energy and being into football!"

When you are a 7th round pick, you can't spare a month of time to miss workouts, miss playbook study, film study, and technique drills to go on a Nation Wide Speaking tour. That's what the offseason is for. I'm a Michael Sam fan, and I want Michael to make the Rams roster, because Michael is too good of a football player not to make the Rams Roster! Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull once said, " I'm a musician...not a Rock Star. You can either be a master musician or you can be a Rock Star!. You can't be both. There is not enough time in the day, and that is why so many band's first album is their best album."

Sam's upper body is fluid and he uses his hands well, but Sams has stiff hips. Very strong compact ass and hips, and that's why Sam's hips are stiff. Which might make him a liability in pass coverage. Although, I think Michael could play linebacker on rushing downs. He's has great football instincts, and he has a knack for immediately knowing where the ball is going. Very good tackler. I didn't see Sams miss many tackles.

Yes, Michael Sam is a bit of a tweener. But I think Sams could give our linebackers a break on running downs. I think he can cover a running back out of the backfield, because he won't go half way, he will attempt to smother the running back in coverage.

But most of Sam's value will be found edge pass rushing. Our defensive line is better than the Seahawks, but the Seahawks defensive linemen were fresher. Our starting DE's Long and Quinn were playing over 80% of the snaps, while Seattle's DE's were in the mid 60% territory. I think Hayes, Sims, and Sams can lower our DE's snaps to mid 70%'s. Keep Quinn and Long fresh. Rotate those defensive lineman. Wear out opposing offensive lines!

Michael's Pros- I got to believe Gregg Williams pounded the table for Sams. What's not to like? High Motor, high energy, positive attitude, good person, can squat an elephant, low pad level, fast first step, bee line to QB. Can back up inside and outside linebackers, on short yardage situations. Wraps up and tackles very well. Will be a special team superstar. Well maybe not superstar, but very solid special teamer! I also think Gregg Williams has a plan for Michael Sam! He was co defensive player of the year in the SEC! Great Production!

Sam's cons- Michael Sam is not a bull rusher. When Sams beats his man, it happens in the blink of an eye. Michael doesn't over power offensive tackles. You wouldn't want to rotate Sam to the interior of the line very often. Tight hips limit Michael pass coverage skills.

Don't worry about Michael Sam's Speed. He ran a 4.69 at his Pro Day, and he plays faster on the field in pads than in drills in shorts. Why? Because Michael's instincts. Michael Sam doesn't hesitate. He attacks the ball from the get go.

Which Ram gets cut if Michael Sam stays? I keep hearing Eugene Sims or Sammy Brown. I like Eugene Sims, but Sims is 28 years old, and Sims gets paid 1,2 million this year and 2 million next year. Still I like Eugene Sims. Sammy Brown is younger, cheaper, and very athletic. The only problem is Brown never plays. Has anybody ever seen Sammy Brown play?

Final Thoughts- Rams got a steal with the 249th pick in the draft! Sams will make the Rams Roster, because Michael Sam will shine in preseason and surprise everyone during the regular season. Michael Sam will earn his roster position the old fashion way...Sacking Quarterbacks! I predict Sam has between 3-6 sacks in 2014!

Watch out for piranhas
You can be what you want
It's a matter of time
Prepare to be amazed
You're flashing
they're frowning
you flash the clover leaf cheer
It's a game
You're winning
There's always so many piranhas

Watch out for piranhas
So many piranhas
Watch out for piranhas

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