The (Un)Official Second Coming Nickname Runoff

Thanks for the great response to the previous post on this, guys! Due to popular demand, I decided to hold a runoff contest between the best suggestions. Here they are:

Runaway Favorite:

The Storm Front. From earlier:

With White Thunder and Black Lightning already, I think it neatly fits. And what flies around in the middle of any powerful Storm Cell? I submit "The Green Tornado" for Donald (green because he's a rookie), and "The Big Red Barn" for Brockers.

Other endings were suggested - Storm Cell, Storm Chasers, Storm Warning - but popular opinion favored "Front", so I'm sticking with that. And with our newest addition of Michael Sam as "The Rainbow Menace", the Storm Front is a clear favorite at 53 votes and counting. Lastly, I'm merging the "Rain/Reign of Terror" with this one, which so easily lends itself to awesome headlines like "The Storm Front Continues Showering Its Rain of Terror Against the NFC's Best".

Top Contenders:

The Four Pillars had a strong showing, with 18 votes, though I think this was more a response to the Spags Era reference. Still, I'll include it.

SackCity and ShowtimeDLine have been showing up in official Rams media, so, as alexh521 rightly pointed out, we should probably consider them so as not to get "Rams Rules-ed" again.

Rest of the Field:

The Hurt Locker was a good suggestion, though not entirely original.

I really liked The Battering Rams, which got 5 votes and multiple suggestions elsewhere. Definitely a prime sleeper candidate.

The Front Office evokes the same imagery that "The People's Quarterback Contract Liberation Front" did, but with more of an authoritarian flair. With 4 votes, opposing offenses will respect our authoritah!

The Line Of Fire has a nice ring to it, but I'm not sure there's much else we can come up with around it like Storm Front.

And lastly, the coolest one was The Bruise Brothers. Imagine the sack dances!

So here's how this is going to work. I'm putting these eight up for consideration. We'll winnow them down to a top 4, and then a top 2, with the winner being the (Un)Official Turf Show Times Fanpost Nickname. Feel free to add more of your own in the comments, but know this: I will only include a "dark horse" candidate if it can garner more recs than the last place winner of the current runoff round. Enjoy!

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