My grades on the Rams draft

Not that anyone asked but here is my take on the Rams draft. Some big wins and a few misses IMO.

1.02 – Greg Robinson, OT from Auburn = Grade A

Position of need, great upside, perfect for the ground and pound scheme Fisher wants. Plus, anytime you keep hearing comparisons to Orlando Pace it’s gotta be good.

1.13 – Aaron Donald, DT from Pitt = Grade A+

Despite not being a top need a great value and look at our D Line now. Holy crap! Disruptive, fast and now ‘who you gonna double’?

2.09 – Lamarcus Joyner, DB from Florida State = Grade B+

Position of need, a bit undersized and not sure which position he lands at. But good talent.

3.11 – Tre Mason, RB from Auburn = Grade A

Pure downhill runner. Great compliment to Stacy. Given the direction of the offense an excellent pickup.

4.10 – Maurice Alexander, SS from Utah State = Grade D

IMO the big miss in the draft. Way too early and questionable coverage skills. We were the only team I could find who had him in so not a whole lot of active interest. I think we could have traded back or just waited and got him. Add to that his less than stellar cover skills and I am hoping for the best but given all the DBs we drafted I will not be surprised if he fails to make the team.

6.12 – E.J. Gaines, CB from Missu = Grade B+

Good value at a position of need. Not real fast and can get caught up in blocks.

6.38 – Garrett Gilbert, QB from SMU = Grade B-

Not a great arm and gets a lot of balls knocked down. Personally for a developmental QB that you will need to work on for a few years, taken this late, I would rather have had Brett Smith with a bigger arm and more mobility.

7.11 – Mitchell Van Dyk, OT from Portland State = Grade C

Not much of a feel on this one. From what I did read he can run block but not much else. I will be surprised if he makes the team but that’s what you get in the 7th round.

7.26 – C.B. Bryant, FS from Ohio St, = Grade D

Big injury history from an undersized not very fast DB. I am putting it in writing; he does not make the opening day roster. Expect him to be an early cut.

7.34 – Michael Sam, DE from Missu, = Grade B+

Hard not to like a DPOY from the SEC with a comp pick at the end of 7. Need to bulk up a bit to play DE or work on his speed (if that’s possible) to play LB or, just maybe, he fits Williams hybrid just fine. He was too productive not to take the shot with this pick.

7.35 – Demetrius Rhaney, C from TN State = Grade B

Big strong kid. Needs some work but will have a place in the NFL. Good value here as well.

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