Who I want in the forth round!

If we didn't pick a wide receiver by round 2, I figure we wouldn't pick a WR in rounds 3 or 4. We traded away our #5, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if we package a few of our 6th and 7th picks to move up. In fact expect the Ram to trade up!

I don't want a QB in the 4th round. I think it's a waste. I know Savage. Logan Thomas, and Zack Mettenberger, among others are available. None of these guys are even close to Sam Bradford. I would be hugely disappointed if we pick a QB.

Let's move on to the 4th round. I figure we will pick a defensive back, offensive lineman or an outside linebacker in round 4. Here are the players I like!


Pierre Desir, Local Boy, and favorite on TST

Keith McGill - He's a tall cornerback, and I've liked Keith since last fall. I like Keith more than Pierre. I would love the Rams to pick Keith.

EJ Gaines- Had a solid game against Mike Evans. So that in of itself should make EJ a possible pick!

Terrance Mitchell- Oregon boy. The Rams could go for this guy

Bashlaud Breeland- Clemson

Last but not least, and a Cornerback I'm pulling for is Antone Exum. Poor guy has ripped his knees twice. But if he had not had torn his ACL, I'm telling you Antone would have been a 1st Round Pick. If Antone can return to his previous greatness, then Exum could be the steal of the draft.

Offensive Lineman- Antonio Richardson is the only offensive Lineman who I would pick in the 4th round. Richardson can play OT and Guard. He's a steal in the forth. He played very well against Jadeveon Clowney. OH, Antonio allowed a sack, but overall he frustrated Jadeveon. If you want the Rams to solidify the offensive line, then Richardson is the way to go. If we drafted Richardson, he would start at guard or Right Tackle. If Rams start Robinson at guard, Richarson would push Barkesdale at Right Tackle. Of visa versa. At the very least Antonio Richardson would provide solid depth at both tackle and guard positions.

Linebacker- Yawin Smallwood is more of an inside linebacker, but we could use some depth behind James Laurinatis.

Carl Bradford OLB Arizona State- I love this guy. He may be the best run stopping OLB in the draft. I believe he would start for the Rams before the season is over. Upgrade over Dunbar. Carl won't play on passing downs, but hey it's the forth round, and I would jump for joy if we draft Carl Bradford!

If you want a Speedy Linebacker, something like Alec Ogletree lite, you might dig Jordon Tripp more. He's better against the pass than Carl, but not as bad ass against the Run.

That's it folks. I want the Rams to trade up for an extra pick in round 4. Round 4 is crucial. If we need to trade a 6th, 7th, and a 4 from 2015, then make it so Les Sneed. Look at those names. Don't you want Carl Bradford and Antonio Richarson? Or Keith McGill and Antonio Richardson.

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