Cody's All-Rookie Team

So I have this problem each year when the draft rolls around... There are so many players that I like, and the Rams only have a chance to take a handful of 'em.

So I'm doing now what I'll likely do when Madden 15 comes out - creating a team of all rookies.

Last year, this was extremely tough... Talent at some pretty important positions was mediocre at best.

However, this year is completely the opposite. This draft is LOADED. So let's get started....

For my offense, I'd develop a versatile running scheme, combined with a lot of WR screens and play action.

QB - Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M (Runner up - Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville)

Johnny Manziel was the most exciting to watch quarterback in all of college football these past two seasons... He's dynamic, and had the talent around him to really shine. His ability to extend plays is unmatched. While he sometimes makes some boneheaded decisions on and off the field, on this team he could set records.

Bridgewater is the backup, because he's the guy I'd trust most to win games with a talented team. He's like a combination of Aaron Rodgers in his physical makeup and Peyton Manning in the head.... not necessarily to the same degree as those two, but the same type of player. Before you go believing what the media says about his slide down draft boards, head on over to and watch his game vs. Florida (2012) and Rutgers (2012)... Follow that up with his game vs. Cincinnati (2013) (arguably his worst game of the season, and his two best plays of the season), and Miami (2013)... I trust this guy to be a successful NFL quarterback.

RB - Tre Mason, Auburn

Mason might not be the best back in this class, but he's the guy I'd want on my team. He played his best against top competition, and runs in a style similar to Zac Stacy (except smaller and faster). A zone read between Mason and Manziel would form a deadly rushing attack.

FB - Jay Prosch, Auburn

I can't say that I actually watched a ton of tape on any specific fullback, but Prosch caught my eye while watching Robinson and Mason film. He does a great job of blocking, and I'd trust him to continue to blast open holes for Mason at the next level.

WR1 - Sammy Watkins, Clemson

Watkins is a dynamic receiving weapon and a fan favorite here at TST. He has elite athleticism, and can be used in the screen game, vertically, and working over the middle. Pairing him with a QB like Manziel will make him even more dynamic.

WR2 - Mike Evans, Texas A&M

And of course Manziel needs his favorite target across from Watkins. Mike Evans is the perfect receiver to compliment Manziel's skill set. He has great size, good deep speed, and already has chemistry with Manziel. He and Watkins on the field together? Forget about stopping that.

WR3 - Brandin Cooks, Oregon St.

And to top it all off, Cooks manning the slot. Having Evans and Watkins on the perimeter will allow Cooks to show off his athleticism and make defenders look stupid.

TE1 - Eric Ebron, UNC

And if that wasn't enough, Ebron will dominate the middle of the field. He's a mismatch nightmare... Very similar to a Jared Cook. (Hopefully he fulfills his potential better than Cook has to this point.)

TE2 - Austin Sefarian-Jenkins

And our last weapon is someone who has been compared to Gronk, in that he's not only a great receiver but can also block well. That will be key to keeping this offensive machine moving.

LT - Jake Matthews, Texas A&M

Matthews is my blindside protector. He has the fundamental skills, more than adequate physical traits, and great football IQ that make a franchise left tackle. Plus, he's already had to deal with Manziel's scrambling ways, and is used to keeping his blocks for longer.

LG - Xavier Su'a-Filo, UCLA

Su'a-Filo is an excellent athlete at guard. He works great in space, and has very high potential. He'll be our pulling guard.

C - Marcus Martin, USC

Martin has the size, strength, and athleticism to be a mauler. He, along with the two linemen on the right side, will give us a dominant rushing attack.

RG - Greg Robinson, Auburn

Robinson has the highest upside of anyone not named Jadeveon Clowney in this draft. He's a physical freak, and has the potential to be one of the best offensive linemen in the league. Why not let him maul some people at guard for a few years?

RT - Taylor Lewan, Michigan

Lewan is a strange, strange man... But he's a heckuva football player. I'd trust this man to be a bookend for Johnny Football.

In my defensive scheme, I'd do what the Denver Broncos do and slide the LDE inside on passing downs, as the personnel available is perfect for it.

RE - Jadeveon Clowney, South Carolina

A man who will very likely be the #1 overall pick, Clowney is the guy that quarterbacks have nightmares about. He's nearly impossible to block one on one, and with the players that will be around him, it will be difficult to double team him all the time.

DT - Louis Nix III, Notre Dame

Nix is a big-time run stuffer, but doesn't provide much rushing the passer. This drops his draft value a bit, but is perfect for the defense that I'm building.

DT - Timmy Jernigan, Florida St.

Jernigan played very well in the National Championship game... I think he even pancaked Greg Robinson on one play. However, he'll likely be the one to thrive in this defense due to the attention that will have to be paid to the players around him.

LE - Aaron Donald, Pittsburgh

Donald is a defensive tackle, but at 285ish lbs, it's a real risk to play him as an interior lineman on every play. That size wouldn't deter a team from playing him on the edge on early downs, and moving him inside to rush the passer. It seems to be a perfect fit.

LOLB - Khalil Mack, Buffalo

Mack is a player that Rams fans should familiarize themselves with, as the organization has shown a ton of interest in him. He'd be valuable as a traditional 4-3 OLB, but is extremely valuable as an edge rusher. In this system, he gets to do both. He'll be a traditional linebacker on early downs, but will rush the edge in passing situations.

MLB - C.J. Mosley, Alabama

Another guy with a ton of talent that could slide on draft day, Mosley would be a great leader for this defense. He's a punisher with a real nose for the ball.

ROLB - Kyle Van Noy, BYU

Van Noy is a splash play maker. He's a great blitzer, who also has value as an every-down linebacker. He's another guy that I think Gregg Williams would like to have his hands on.

CB1 - Justin Gilbert, Oklahoma St.

Gilbert has all of the physical tools to be a shutdown corner in the NFL. He'll match up with the other team's best receiver at all times.

CB2 - Darqueze Dennard, Michigan St.

Dennard is also going to be a great contributor to this team. His press man skills are unmatched in this draft class, and will bring a gritty, physical presence to the secondary.

CB3 - LaMarcus Joyner, Florida St.

Joyner is this year's version of the Honey Badger. He's a great playmaker with a nose for the ball.

FS - Haha Clinton-Dix, Alabama

Clinton-Dix is our center fielder in this defense. He has great coverage skills, along with enough physicality to not be a weakness vs. the run.

SS - Deone Bucannon, Washington St.

Bucannon is the enforcer of the defense. He can light people up with his physicality, and spend most of his time in the box.

So let me hear your thoughts... Who did I snub? What would you do differently?

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