Random Ramsdom: April 8: St. Louis Rams - The Draft Countdown Begins

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

In exactly one month, the first round of the NFL Draft begins. It couldn't come fast enough for Rams fans. Speculation, rumors, and smokescreens all run rampant at this time of the year. It's time to sit back, and enjoy the fun!


Twitter Talk

Comparing Chris Long to Jadeveon Clowney, pre-draft:

It's a well-known fact the Rams like their defensive linemen to be versatile:

What could this mean for the Rams come draft day?:

Greg Reid...on being released from detention:

St. Louis Rams' Full Seven-Round Mock Draft - Edition One: 101 Sports ESPN

Shane Gray presents his first 2014 mock draft. After a trade-down with Atlanta to the #6 pick, the Rams select WR Sammy Watkins. CB Justin Gilbert, LB Ryan Shazier, and G Gabe Jackson comprise the remaining picks in the first two rounds.

NFL a passing league? Expect more teams to run the ball more often: CBS Sports

The NFL is now known as a passing league. It's been trending in that direction for many years. Pat Kirwan examines the reasons why that trend may begin reversing itself in 2014.

Mike Mayock's updated position rankings for the 2014 NFL Draft: NFL.com

When Mike Mayock comments on the draft, people listen. His updated rankings include a couple of major changes: Johnny Manziel moves to #1 in the QB rankings, and Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix replaces Calvin Pryor atop the rankings at safety.

Day 3 quarterbacks the St. Louis Rams might target: Ramblin' Fan

The Rams have openly discussed their desire to select a developmental quarterback in this years draft. Tom Savage, Conner Shaw, and Aaron Murray could all be viable QB options in the later rounds.

Draft Prospects Highlight Reel: Guard - David Yankey - Stanford

Reassessing Rams' off-season plan: What's left to address?: Bleacher Report

Many expect the Rams to select a safety - Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix - with the #13 selection in this years NFL draft. Could that pick end up being a corner back instead?

"Since Fisher and Snead took over, there has been zero indication that the team values safeties over corner backs."

The Rams and the Clowney effect: ESPN NFC West

It's become almost a foregone conclusion that either a QB or Jadeveon Clowney will be selected with the #1 overall pick in the NFL draft. If Clowney is not chosen first overall, the Rams' options greatly increase, especially if they desire to trade the pick.

Rams set offseason program: ESPN NFC West

Nick Wagoner examines some key dates of the Rams' off-season program, which differ little from last year. Jeff Fisher does things a little differently than most head coaches, especially in the way he handles the incoming rookie class.

5 Rams rumours for the 2014 NFL draft: Rant Sports NFL

Rumors and smokescreens are quite prevalent in the weeks leading up to the NFL draft. Here's 5 more to add amid all the speculation.

Stat Facts Of The Week: Team Dropped Passes Percentage

Team Dropped Passes and Drops Percentage
Team Targets Drops Drops Percentage
1 Detroit Lions 623 44 7.1
2 New England Patriots 619 41 6.6
3 St. Louis Rams 503 30 6.0
4 Cleveland Browns 670 39 5.8
5 Kansas City Chiefs 535 31 5.8
6 Buffalo Bills 518 29 5.6
7 Washington Redskins 599 32 5.3
8 Denver Broncos 670 35 5.2
9 New York Giants 560 29 5.2
10 Jacksonville Jaguars 585 30 5.1
11 Oakland Raiders 508 26 5.1
12 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 496 24 4.8
13 Chicago Bears 570 27 4.7
14 Cincinnati Bengals 577 27 4.7
15 San Francisco 49ers 411 19 4.6
16 Indianapolis Colts 577 26 4.5
17 Pittsburgh Steelers 579 26 4.5
18 Carolina Panthers 468 21 4.5
19 Baltimore Ravens 614 27 4.4
20 Tennessee Titans 526 23 4.4
21 Dallas Cowboys 580 25 4.3
22 New York Jets 478 20 4.2
23 Atlanta Falcons 649 27 4.2
24 Miami Dolphins 582 24 4.1
25 Houston Texans 621 24 3.9
26 Philadelphia Eagles 495 17 3.4
27 Green Bay Packers 555 18 3.2
28 Arizona Cardinals 563 18 3.2
29 Seattle Seahawks 409 13 3.2
30 Minnesota Vikings 535 17 3.2
31 San Diego Chargers 535 13 2.4
32 New Orleans Saints 644 15 2.3

The Rams ranked 3rd-worst in the NFL in this statistical category, for the 2013 season. It's one of the areas the Rams coaches need to focus on, if the receiving corps is to show marked improvement in 2014.

A nostalgic look back at the 70's, and Rams defensive end Fred Dryer:

St. Louis Rams would be wise to follow Seattle Seahawks' draft model: Cover 32 Rams

Many have suggested the Rams should select an offensive lineman and safety, with their two first round picks in this years draft. It's exactly what the Seahawks did in 2010, the first year of the Schneider/Carroll regime, selecting OT Russell Okung and S Earl Thomas.

Rams Chat Rewind: ESPN NFC West

Nick Wagoner conducts his weekly question and answer period, covering a broad range of Rams-related topics.

2014 NFL Mock Draft: Walter Football

Charlie Campbell presents his latest 5-round mock draft. The Rams go all defence in the first round, selecting OLB Khalil Mack, and CB Justin Gilbert.

Mock Draft: Matthews To Rams: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Rams beat reporter Jim Thomas takes a crack at predicting how the first round of the NFL draft will unfold. In his mock draft, the Rams select OT Jake Matthews, and CB Darqueze Dennard.

On This Day In Sports History

1966 - The American Football League chooses 36 year-old Al Davis to be its commissioner.


Mandatory Monday: Double Dipping: Sports On Earth

Mike Tanier examines the ten best first round draft results, for teams that possessed two first-round picks. The 1962 Rams rank number 5 on the list, selecting QB Roman Gabriel and DT Merlin Olsen. Can the Rams successfully duplicate that excellence in the 2014 draft?

2014 NFL Draft Rankings: The Top 200: SB Nation - Mocking The Draft

MTD presents its updated top-200 big board. DE Jadeveon Clowney remains the top-ranked player in this years draft.

2014 NFL Mock Draft: CBS Sports

Pat Kirwan spices things up a bit in his latest mock draft, with the Rams trading the #2 selection to the Cleveland Browns. The Rams pick OT Jake Matthews and WR Mike Evans.

Rams top 3 Big Board: Watkins, Mack, and Matthews Lead List: Ramblin' Fan

Nathan Kearns attempts to create a top ten "big board", putting himself in the heads of the Rams' brain trust.

Jim Miller and Pat Kirwan are not sold on Jadeveon Clowney going #1 to the Houston Texans:

St. Louis Rams Weekly Salary "Re-Cap"

The Rams currently have $9,589,358 in available salary cap space. This total includes all transactions up to - and including - the signing of QB Shaun Hill. It also includes the $3 million roster bonus offset the Rams will receive for Cortland Finnegan, who signed with the Miami Dolphins. It doesn't include the just-signed WR Kenny Britt. His finalized contract numbers have not been released by the NFLPA. The Rams will have approximately $11 million in additional operating costs throughout the remainder of the year, which has a direct impact on available salary cap space.

Plenty of defensive line, linebacker talent outside first round: CBS Sports

The Rams will likely be looking for front-seven defensive depth in this years draft. they should have little trouble finding it, in a draft this deep, at virtually every position.

Team-By-Team Free Agency Grades: Yahoo Sports

The Rams earn a "C-" grade for their efforts in free agency to-date. Given their solid signings - and fiscal responsibility - the Rams have earned no less than a solid B grade. Low-cost, low-risk signings for mostly one-year terms, that will have little effect on their future salary cap structure.

Big Board: 2014 draft class stocked with talent to fit new NFL: CBS Sports

Rob Rang updates his ranking of the best 64 draft prospects in the country. Not surprisingly, DE Jadeveon Clowney heads the list. I believe the Rams should make every attempt to trade down, with the end result being 4 selections in the top 64.

NFL 101: The basics of the 4-3 defensive front: Bleacher Report

NFL 101: Breaking down the basics of the route tree: Bleacher Report

BR's Matt Bowen - a former NFL defensive back - continues his informative and instructional "NFL 101" series.

John Hekker joins Tony Softli and Michael Young, to discuss the off-season - including his own training program - and the Rams' possible draft strategies.

Daniel Jeremiah and Charles Davis give their 2014 NFL Draft predictions on NFL Network’s "Path to the Draft." They have the Rams trading down with Tampa Bay, and selecting Jake Matthews.

Should The Rams Still Draft A Wide Receiver In Round One?: Ramblin' Fan

It's debatable as to whether the Rams should draft a WR in the first round of this years draft. The recent signing of Kenny Britt should have little impact on the decision-making process. If they do decide to select a WR in the first round, should it be Sammy Watkins or Mike Evans?

Weighing the upside of the draft's top tackles: ESPN NFC West

Nick Wagoner examines the floors and ceilings of the top three tackles in the 2014 NFL Draft: Jake Matthews, Taylor Lewan, and Greg Robinson.

Roster Reset: NFC West: NFL.com

Gregg Rosenthal takes a look at how the four NFC West teams have fared this off-season.

How far is too far for a trade down by the Rams?: ESPN NFC West

"According to ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr., if the Rams want to walk out of the first night of the draft with an elite talent, they'll need to ensure that any move down still garners one of seven players. Those seven players are Clowney, Auburn offensive tackle Greg Robinson, Buffalo linebacker Khalil Mack, Clemson receiver Sammy Watkins, Texas A&M offensive tackle Jake Matthews, Texas A&M receiver Mike Evans and Michigan offensive tackle Taylor Lewan."

Rams GM Les Snead in talks with teams about trading #2 pick: CBS Sports

There will be intense pressure on Rams GM Les Snead on the first night of the draft. It's possible that serious wheeling and dealing with the #2 pick might only occur once the Rams are on the clock:

"We have had some conversations with multiple teams," Snead said. "They're more flirtatious calls than anything. We have numbers 2 and 13, but Houston has No. 1. Nobody can really seriously chat with us until they are happy with at least two players."

Safer bet for the Rams at #2: Wideout or Tackle?: CBS Sports

A very good question to ask...with no easy answer. Will Brinson takes an in-depth, fascinating look at WR's and OT's drafted in the first round, in the past ten years.

The Secrets In St. Louis: Sports Illustrated - MMQB

The upcoming draft is unique in many ways. What I find most fascinating is the mystery of how the draft will unfold, with only 4 weeks to go before round 1 commences. With the 2nd and 13th overall selections in the first round, the Rams may very well hold the key to how the entire first round transpires. A super article by the folks at S.I.

Blast From The Past: Classic Rock Tuesday: Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe

Please have a great Tuesday and a Ram-tastic week!!

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