2014 NFL mock draft: Rams get skipped


What if it's the Texans doing the trading and not the Rams?

The internets is abuzz with trade talk this fine Monday morning. GM Les Snead told the MMQB that the Rams have had some "flirtations" about trading the second pick. It's what Snead told SB Nation two weeks ago at the league meetings in Orlando.

But what if, nothing materializes? What if the Texans deal out of the top spot instead? It could happen. And this week's mock draft from Dan Kadar at Mocking the Draft supposes just that. So, with the second pick, the Rams take ...

2. St. Louis Rams: Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn
If Clowney goes first overall in the draft, it leaves the Rams to choose between Robinson and wide receiver Sammy Watkins. On a team with only an average (at best) quarterback situation, Robinson could have the bigger impact. Zac Stacy is an emerging talent as a running back, and Robinson is the type of blocker who could turn him into a Pro Bowler.

I get the Jason Smith comparisons. I've had them myself: natural talent, raw player. The difference between Robinson and Smith is that Robinson has a real passion for the game. He likes to hit people ... and he likes to hit them hard. He just needs some help on his pass blocking technique. Jason Smith never really had a passion for the game at the NFL level, and I've had more than one teammate tell me as much from his time with the Rams and Jets.

13. St. Louis Rams: HaHa Clinton-Dix, S, Alabama
This is a pick where need absolutely meets value. Clinton-Dix profiles as a top-10 talent, so this is about the range for him in the draft. Clinton-Dix is a playmaker in the secondary, something the Rams' defense needs.

This is the ideal pick at No. 13, in my mind, a perfect match of need and value. Hopefully, the Rams don't get cute and try to find a centerfielder later in the draft.

44. St. Louis Rams: Jordan Matthews, WR, Vanderbilt
The signing of Kenny Britt shouldn't stop the Rams from taking a wide receiver in the draft this year. Yes, Matthews is another second-round pick without top athleticism. But he has much better hands than Brian Quick and can attack the ball at the high point better than Chris Givens or Austin Pettis.

I hate this pick. It's nothing personal against Matthews; he'll be a fine player in the right circumstances. Unfortunately, those circumstances aren't in St. Louis. The Rams have invested heavily in pass catchers. It's not panning out. The team's offensive struggles and, more importantly, inability to develop receivers is a major red flag for this team's future.

This would be a good spot to take a cornerback.

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