Why Sam?

It's a good question so I thought I’d look at why the Rams picked him. Why did they gladly give him $76 million over 6 years with $50 million in guaranteed money - the highest guaranteed rookie contract of all time? What makes him special? Why do Snead and Fisher continue to stand by him? Why do his teammates also stand by him? Why should we as fans put our faith in Sam when there's glamorous new-flavor-of the-month QB's we could just grab like Baskin Robbins? It's tempting isn't it. You have vanilla. Vanilla is good. But oh-my-God there's strawberry WITH chocolate chips (a dual threat?). Quick, dump the vanilla! Then you find out new & improved is actually sour.....

To me I think it's hard for a lot of fans to judge a QB on a bad team which is what Sam has had to deal with. The new QB is supposed to make the team better yet if they still lose, it's like 'ergo' he must be bad. It's a real simplistic approach. Then they compare it to Russell Wilson: 'OMG look how he ran around then hit that 60-yard pass to that open receiver for a TD' not considering he had time because his blockers can actually block to go along with WR's which can actually get open and then more importantly hold on to that spinning pointy thing when it gets there. Which to be honest Sam hasn't had.

I believe Sam leads the NFL in two important stats since he came in: Number #1 is being sacked, and Number #2 is having receivers who annually lead the league in drops - none of which he has any control over - none of which is his fault - yet he still posted a top #11 passer rating with those exact same handicaps - however for some reason some people still see fit to criticise him?

I'm sorry but that doesn't make any sense.

You know why the Rams drafted him #1? The reasons are obvious:

Sam Bradford - Putnam City High School:

Get to know Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford:

Sam Bradford wins Heisman:

Sam Bradford's Heisman Moment:

Sam Bradford Pro Day:

2010 NFL Draft - #1 Overall Pick (the Rams needed a QB after Bulger was beat to death):

Sam Bradford 83-yard TD pass on first play from scrimmage:

Sam Bradford runs Roman Harper down:

Fisher on Bradford - 'I've never had that luxury at the QB position before':

Bradford tears ACL against Panthers:

Les Snead - 'Committed to Sam Bradford':

Jeff Fisher - 'Committed to Sam Bradford':

Sam Bradford on knee rehab and Seattle /Broncos SB mathcup:

Bradford ahead of rehab schedule (audio):!C2iij

And nothing's changed. He'll be perfectly fine. If he came out today he'd still be the #1 overall pick. The Rams are building a Super Bowl team. It's obvious why he's good...

So please get off his back.


Jeff Fisher on Bradford criticism - 'Oh, come on, please...'

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