Random Ramsdom: 4/7 From Popularity to the Draft, Its All Here

Christian Petersen

To be a team that has had as quiet an off-season as the Rams, their name has been thrown around a lot. Whether it is being linked to a free agent, draft prospect or the pressure of the staff, it seems the Rams are gaining some popularity.

Kenny Britt and Jeff Fisher UNITE!!! (touches rings) - NFL.com

Jeff Fisher has successfully made it three consecutive seasons that he signs one of his former players from his days in Tennessee. Though this one carries more debate than any other. Does Kenny Britt bring something the team does not already have, and if so will he be worth it?

The Rams need another safety, and there's one to keep an eye on - NFL.com

It is no secret the Rams are in need of another safety, and are more than likely to target one in the first two rounds. Who does Daniel Jeremiah and Bryan Fischer think the Rams will target and when will they target him?

Rams say no way to CJ - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

It looks like there will not be a reunion between Jeff Fisher and the player he helped make famous in 2000 different ways...

One more receiver wouldn't hurt, the more the merrier - ESPN.com

For all of you that were hoping that the Rams would draft a receiver and felt that would not happen after the signing of Kenny Britt, have no fear. It seems not everyone agrees with that notion.

The Rams are not as over looked as some others may be - FiveThirtyEight.com

Ever wonder how popular the Rams are compared to other teams in other sports. Check out this list of the 5 most popular sports in North America and all of the teams from those sports, to see who is searched the most and the least.

Let's have a gander at the most popular teams in the NFL alone - FiveThirtyEight.com

The love interest for the Rams is put up to the test in this interesting list of searches...

The Rams are believed to be under a lot of pressure this year - NFL.com

Just how much Pressure are the Rams really under come May, and beyond...?

Can a closer look at this year's picks tell you more about the Rams draft plans? - ESPN.com

The Rams carry a lot of draft capital this year with 12 picks (tied for most in the league) and two being in the top 13. The Rams have been adamant that they are pretty happy with the talent they have. Does this mean the Rams will be trading up, down, or staying put?

Nothing like a little time travel to get the day started - St. Louis Rams

Take a trip back to 2012 with St. Louis Rams kicker, Greg Zuerlein

A big body and a play maker are options at 2 and 13 - Bleacher Report

The Rams are technically in prime position to land two premier players at their respective positions. Who should those two players be?

"I have some freakish skills"- St. Louis Rams

You hear all the time what everyone else thinks of Sammy Watkins. But have you ever wondered what Sammy Watkins thinks of Sammy Watkins?

We all have to grow up some time - Bleacher Report

What can a mature Kenny Britt bring to the table?

Mid off-season power rankings are here - Walterfootball.com

Is it too early for a power ranking for next season? Absolutely not! This ranking illustrates just how tough the NFC West really is. The Rams even got more love than many would expect...

Like Father Like Son, Fisher does not see much difference - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

When it comes to the Matthews family, Jeff Fisher knows them all too well. He has even known one of this years top prospects since he was a baby and took the time to chat with the Post-Dispatch's Jim Thomas about comparisons between the two.

Musical Blast From The Past: Neil Young's "Like a Hurricane", 1986

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