Follow the money. The stuff is dirty. But follow the Money!!

Something very key in a draft is taking someone that influences another teams pick. Or the opportunity of creating that desire. Setting up for the next when you have the tunity to get yours while creating that influence. Below you see how this draft gave us gain and disabled our opponents choices. I love the way the last 13 teams came up short in this draft. Look below this list for the poop!
How You Matched Up:

1. Miami Dolphins - 4999
2. Houston Texans - 4927
3. Jacksonville Jaguars - 4762
4. Denver Broncos - 4699
5. Tennessee Titans - 4660
6. Indianapolis Colts - 4600
7. St. Louis Rams - 4577
8. Washington Redskins - 4511
9. Cincinnati Bengals - 4486
10. Dallas Cowboys - 4484
11. Minnesota Vikings - 4449
12. Arizona Cardinals - 4418
13. Detroit Lions - 4417
14. New York Giants - 4391
15. New York Jets - 4391
16. Baltimore Ravens - 4384

17. Philadelphia Eagles - 4378
18. Carolina Panthers - 4347
19. New England Patriots - 4342
20. Pittsburgh Steelers - 4320
21. New Orleans Saints - 4274
22. Atlanta Falcons - 4237
23. San Diego Chargers - 4195
24. San Francisco 49ers - 4105
25. Cleveland Browns - 4045
26. Green Bay Packers - 4041
27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 4013
28. Kansas City Chiefs - 3916
29. Oakland Raiders - 3897
30. Seattle Seahawks - 3782
31. Chicago Bears - 3726
32. Buffalo Bills - 3646

Below these paragraphs are the picks. They came at times when influence and need matched up. A few moves were made due to targets leaving the board. IE. Gilbert and big daddy OT's. Priority for me would be Gilbert-achieving a top OT in conjunction with securing either Shazier or Gabe Jackson. When Gilbert leaves the board the OT must be looked at and targeted with the next DB security player. Some how our D backfields ceiling must be lowered. Nobody should be able to abuse us over the top. So we need to procure a 'lock down' corner. If not we must have 'solid' safety works. Not one in training. Lock down corners assist the duty of our safeties. IMO there are only two 'lock down' corners in the draft. Dennard and Gilbert. When they leave the board compensating picks taking tandems are needed. Now, our D front is pretty solid. Right! For now. That is not such a great need for loading up on. For now! Yet you can see that I added a couple just for works. Shazier was a key component. Not necessarily need based. Yet solid...I repeat SOLID,future in our works. And you will see what should be enough to shore up our DB's for the next few years. (still looking for that island type 'lock down corner,maybe in trade or next year, cause I missed) Our corners could be enhanced but are pretty dang solid. We need Pryor and Buccanon to help them.

Next is O-line. I have seen many thoughts. Many of needing guards. I say that's bunk! Yet I know that you have to follow the money. We need to replace Wells, and Long in the short term. As a direction. Coach won't take the bulls early. And they will be taken off the board early. I agree with him in drafting. If you are going to spend that early pick on one of the top 3 tackles, you must give up some other necessity. So here I have taken Marcus Martin a solid center that can move to any place needed except LT. Smart dude! Big daddy Gabe. A ten year interior anchor. Solid! Antonio Richardson a big boy to fill LT if needed and solid RT for 10 years. LeWaun James in the fourth round.What a gift. This is the man that I see becoming the LT anchor in the next 2 years. We will see. Yes, this and that ,opinion's and things run rampant and things can happen. But this is just my opinion. Here is the crux of it. Saffold was procured but at his short coming. He has had injury issues. And some drive/desire issues. Sure, we will use him for OUR desires as needed. But he thrives inside. That is where he wants to be. He is good at RT and LG...rg. Barksdale is solid at RT and can swing if needed. Jones is best as interior lineman. And may evolve to starting center. Who knows? Turner is for that replacement of Well's yet could be beaten out. By Jones or 'Martin'. Gabe is going to play some RG but will be left of our center in a long driving grind. Whaooo! I love it. So, Long will be replaced. He is an aging,injured and expensive burden. Yes he will work great for us this year and perhaps some next. Yet he will be replaced. MONEY! It must be considered in the draft purpose. These guys that I have chosen give us the depth and diverse utilities to rule through our offensive line. Sam will be protected!

I am sure you will scoff at taking Derek Carr at #26. Yet I did it just because I could. It staged other picks down line. It changed some targets for the QB hungry ones. Truth is that it allowed for some O-line players not to be grabbed in the second,third and 4th. Namely, the Vikings and Houston in this draft case. I have worked a ton of these. Below you will see that there are a few teams that will trade up for Gilbert, Dennard,Ha's and Pryor. It depends on who jumps first. Here Gilbert was taken early by the freakin 9ner's. It happened because I new that gathering picks was needed and Dallas offered my desire. I knew they were either targeting Ha's or Donald. Problems occurred when the Chicago traded to the Pack. Chicago usuallt targets an FS or LB/DE and sometimes an O-line here. Sometimes Gilbert yet not comin for them. I took that risk into consideration. But they traded the pick. The Pack took Dennard. The Steelers were up next and love Dennard. Since he was gone they took a girth of picks from the 9ner. So them biachis grabbed my man! Therefore I took Pryor and then dumped down to Sainty at #27 for more picks. Targets were gone and to insure that we got our O-line pieces AND Shazier, I took the opportunity. That then left me at odds at 26 and 27. I could have gone ahead and gotten Hageman, Tuitt, or just started hammering the O-line. But it was early. I had the picks and Carr could be effective for the attention of Bradford. And the other influences to the draft. We can't deny the potential of future use. I might could resolve to taking Tuitt here. I like his work at the 3 and can be used rolling out to 5 here and there. Again money dictates that the other Long will be moving on about 2016. But this was not my target here. Not yet. those dudes up front are rolling and we need these other spots secured. Rounded! I know this is just one silly mock that just happened to roll this way. But my direction of priorities are accurate to give us depth. Balance and strength moving forward. Below is how the first round unfolded. And below that my picks throughout the draft. I sold down to allow picks in the second and third. Later rounds 5,6 and 7 are not full of much. Yet the usual depth shots where available. Practice squad and possible starters or role players as they grow. You will also see that player grades of 'when' picked show lessor for timing of the pick oppose to overall need. Had to dictate some early rather then wait and miss the staples. I have secured the DB's top side and added to the front of D some. Secured the O-line. It is time for Sam and the toys on offense to go to work!! Or they will be replaced. Quickly!

Round 1 Pick 1 (1) (HOU) Raiders: Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson
Round 1 Pick 2 (2) (STL) Browns: Blake Bortles, QB, Central Florida
Round 1 Pick 3 (3) Jaguars: Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M
Round 1 Pick 4 (4) (CLE) Jets: Hasean Clinton-Dix, FS, Alabama
Round 1 Pick 5 (5) (OAK) Texans: Khalil Mack, OLB, Buffalo
Round 1 Pick 6 (6) Falcons: Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina
Round 1 Pick 7 (7) Buccaneers: Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M
Round 1 Pick 8 (8) Vikings: Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville
Round 1 Pick 9 (9) Bills: Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A&M
Round 1 Pick 10 (10) (DET) Bears: Timmy Jernigan, DT, Florida State
Round 1 Pick 11 (11) (TENN) Ravens: Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn
Round 1 Pick 12 (12) Giants: Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan
Round 1 Pick 13 (13) (STL) Cowboys: Aaron Donald, DT, Pittsburgh
Round 1 Pick 14 (14) (CHI) Packers: Darqueze Dennard, CB, Michigan State
Round 1 Pick 15 (15) (PITT) 49ers: Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma State
Round 1 Pick 16 (16) (DAL) Rams: Calvin Pryor, FS, Louisville
Round 1 Pick 17 (17) (BALT) Titans: Anthony Barr, OLB, UCLA
Round 1 Pick 18 (18) (NYJ) Saints: Odell Beckham, WR, LSU
Round 1 Pick 19 (19) Dolphins: Eric Ebron, TE, North Carolina
Round 1 Pick 20 (20) Cardinals: Zack Martin, OT, Notre Dame
Round 1 Pick 21 (21) (G.B.) Lions: Bradley Roby, CB, Ohio State
Round 1 Pick 22 (22) Eagles: C.J. Mosley, ILB, Alabama
Round 1 Pick 23 (23) Chiefs: Brandin Cooks, WR, Oregon State
Round 1 Pick 24 (24) Bengals: Jason Verrett, CB, TCU
Round 1 Pick 25 (25) Chargers: Louis Nix, DT, Notre Dame
Round 1 Pick 26 (26) (CLE) Rams: Derek Carr, QB, Fresno State
Round 1 Pick 27 (27) (N.O.) Rams: Ryan Shazier, OLB, Ohio State
Round 1 Pick 28 (28) Panthers: Marqise Lee, WR, Southern California
Round 1 Pick 29 (29) Patriots: Ra'Shede Hageman, DT, Minnesota
Round 1 Pick 30 (30) (S.F.) Steelers: Kony Ealy, DE, Missouri
Round 1 Pick 31 (31) Broncos: Jaylen Watkins, CB, Florida
Round 1 Pick 32 (32) Seahawks: Allen Robinson, WR, Penn State

Your Picks:
Round 1 Pick 16 (DAL): Calvin Pryor, FS, Louisville (A)
Round 1 Pick 26 (CLE): Derek Carr, QB, Fresno State (B+)
Round 1 Pick 27 (N.O.): Ryan Shazier, OLB, Ohio State (B+)
Round 2 Pick 12: Marcus Martin, C, Southern California (A)
Round 2 Pick 15 (DAL): Gabe Jackson, OG, Mississippi State (A)
Round 2 Pick 17 (NYJ): Troy Niklas, TE, Notre Dame (B+) Mathew's blood,can work front 7 both sides if we needed. Has kitten gloves but can bust out the claws if needed!!
Round 2 Pick 26 (N.O.): Deone Bucannon, SS, Washington State (B+)
Round 3 Pick 11: Antonio Richardson, OT, Tennessee (A)
Round 3 Pick 27 (N.O.): Rashaad Reynolds, CB, Oregon State (B)
Round 4 Pick 6 (CLE): JaWuan James, OT, Tennessee (B)
Round 4 Pick 10: Christian Jones, ILB, Florida State (B-)
Round 5 Pick 13: Ed Stinson, DE, Alabama (A-)
Round 6 Pick 12: Calvin Barnett, DT, Oklahoma State (C-)
Round 6 Pick 38 (COMP): Aaron Colvin, CB, Oklahoma (C)
Round 7 Pick 11: James Wilder Jr., RB, Florida State (A)
Round 7 Pick 26: Marion Grice, RB, Arizona State (A)
Round 7 Pick 34 (COMP): Chris Coyle, FB, Arizona State (A-)
Round 7 Pick 35 (COMP): Eathyn Manumaleuna, DT, Brigham Young (B-)

Your Future Picks:
2015 Round 1 Pick (NYJ) NEXT YEAR 1st ROUND ADDITION!!!!

I want solid 7 both sides. Let the 4 others be the "stars". This draft sets that up. They have to show up!

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