What in your opinion is more important for the Rams in this years draft

A) Trading down to try and score another first round pick for next year to keep the ball rolling?

B) Trading down to compile picks for this year and finally cash in on the RGIII trade?

C) Staying put with our picks and adding absolute best stud available at #2 and #13 in the first round?

I know in a perfect world if we could somehow get a good combination of all three it would be awesome. I have mock drafted on over and over to try and reach this scenario and it's been very difficult. I personally am starting to lean in the direction that we need to cash in on the RGIII trade and put all our chips on the table for this years draft haul. It's a deep draft and we will be able to bring in value even on day three.

I just completed a mock draft on FirstPick and even though my final score was not as high (because I failed to secure an extra 2015 first rounder), I was intrigued with the value that I was able to bring in. I traded down with Cleveland to get both of their first rounders as well as their third rounder. Then one pick later, I traded down with Oakland and got their first rounder, second rounder and third rounder. Then at the end of the 4th, I traded up with Denver by offering my 5th, 6th and two 7th rounders. I figured with the comp picks in the 6th and 7th I could afford it. After it was all said and done I wound up with 13 picks. Here's how it came together:

Round 1 Pick 5 (OAK): Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson (A)
Round 1 Pick 13: Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan (A)
Round 1 Pick 26 (CLE): Xavier Su'a-Filo, OG, UCLA (A-)
Round 2 Pick 4 (OAK): Bradley Roby, CB, Ohio State (B+)
Round 2 Pick 12: Louis Nix, DT, Notre Dame (A)
Round 3 Pick 3 (OAK): Kyle Van Noy, OLB, Brigham Young (A)
Round 3 Pick 11: Ed Reynolds, FS, Stanford (A-)
Round 3 Pick 19 (CLE): Chris Borland, ILB, Wisconsin (A-)
Round 4 Pick 10: Jeremy Hill, RB, LSU (A)
Round 4 Pick 31 (DEN): Aaron Murray, QB, Georgia (A-)
Round 6 Pick 38 (COMP): Kerry Hyder, DE, Texas Tech (B-)
Round 7 Pick 34 (COMP): Chris Coyle, FB, Arizona State (A-)
Round 7 Pick 35 (COMP): Calvin Barnett, DT, Oklahoma State (A)

I took Taylor Lewan at 13 hoping Calvin Pryor would drop down to the end of the first but he was gone. Figured I would wait till later to take a chance on Ed Reynolds and found value in Roby, Nix and Van Noy on the way. The players selected in the 6th and 7th rounds could possibly make the team but if they don't, I figured all the value obtained in the first four rounds makes up for it anyway.

Personally I would be happy if this is how the Rams draft came together. What your take?

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