My first fan post - Talking about the Draft & Clowney VS Quinn!

Hello all, i been following the site for several years now. Im sure many here feels my pain when it comes to the lack of conversion about my beloved Rams! If TST was to bite the dust, it would be a sad day. With that said im here to discuss my opinions about the upcoming draft.

There are 2 scenarios in my mind:

1. The Texans draft a QB and we draft Clowney.

2. The Texans draft Clowney and we attempt to trade out of the #2 pick no farther down than the #6 spot with the Falcons; picking up a 2015 1st round pick. Our intent would be to take the best linemen available.

Side note - the 13th overall pick will be HaHa Clinton-Dix or Justin Gilbert.

So now that all my cards are on the table, lets talk about WHY i believe this will play out. Firstly Jeff Fisher isnt lying about not having too many pass rushers. We talk about smoke screens during the draft, but what i see is a fairly honest St Louis coaching staff this year. They said in free agency that they wouldnt be active, and they were not. They said they werent all that interested in Watkins and backed it up with signing Kenny Britt.

Lets talk about the Texans for a moment. It would be insane for them to pass on Clowney. But they are going to. Everyone who is in the 'know' (not insiders) have been saying since the beginning that the Texans WILL take a QB. It isnt even up for discussion. Whether or not that is the case remains to be seen; especially after Clowney's strong pro day. I know the man gets a knock on his work ethic... but if there was a draft smoke screen - that would be it. Yes, Clowney only had 3 sacks last year. But if you to watch his tape, you would see the offense run away from him every play. Not to mention the guaranteed double/ triple teams. With Long, Quinn, and Brockers - no team would have that luxury. Did i mention Quinn?

How about Fishers style of Defense? He does several things that are unorthodox. For example, on 3rd down 4 DEs are rushing the passer. Substitute Sims out for Clowney... scary. Or how about stand clowney up in the WLB behind Quinn *shivers*.

Before i upset anyone with what im about to say next... i just want you guys to know that i really do like Chris Long. He is a solid DE. But frankly he is overpaid. I dont hold it against him because when he and Laurenitis were signed the Rams were down on the todem pole in talent. But with Quinn's contract looming and Chris Long set to be a FA in 2 years, its not a far fetch to plug in Clowney on his 3rd year as the starting LE and save the cap space.

If i had to guess i believe that the Texans will stay true to what the insiders are saying and pick a QB. And further on that same point, i believe Fisher will stay true to what he has been saying and take Clowney. Look for offensive linemen to be picked up in the 2nd round. And with such a deep draft this year, there are quality players to be had.


Here is something i Guarantee will interest you:




40 Yard Dash: Clowney wins by .17 seconds.

Vertical Jump: Clowney wins by 3.5 inches.

Broad Jump: Clowney wins by 8 inches!

Reps: Quinn had 1 extra rep

3 Cone Drill: Quinn wins by .14 seconds

20 Yard Shuttle: Quinn 'wins' by .03 seconds. Basically a tie.


Which one had the better pro day?

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