If he's there at number 2....

we take Jadveon Clowney, period.

This week I was at my normal hot sub shop for lunch time and due to the fact they have multiple flats all around the joint, I was able to be bombarded by Jadeveon Clowney's Pro Day coverage. Wow. I mean WTF WOW!!



So all this off-season I have attempted to restrain from the thought of even considering picking Jadeveon Clowney with number 2, greedy for more picks as this is a "deep draft", but after seeing the Pro Day, I can no longer fight it. Sure I saw the Combine performance and was still impervious to temptation to be the most ridiculously ferocious defense in the league. I just can't fight it any more.

If Clowney is there at #2, we absolutely, positively must take him! We take him BECAUSE of the deep draft and we also have a #13 that may come into trade bait to move down later in the round. Here me out:

1. Don't get me wrong, we have, in my humble opinion a top 10 defensive line right now, but imagine Gregg Williams having a weapon like this on his defense?! Having Clowney, Quinn, Long, Hayes, Langford and Brockers would be like having the ability to unleash not one, but many Krakens!

Imagine this is a scene from the sidelines of next year's meeting with Seattle! If Jeff Fisher is Zeus, who do you think on his staff is Hades?

In reality, Coach Fisher was absolutely right when he was quoted as saying you can never have enough pass rushers and in this case, you cannot leave Clowney on the table just to gain picks. His size, quickness, agility combination is something that has not come around this team since..well since...Robert Quinn.

Crazy thing about it, if coached right and brought into the league the right way, this could be an even bigger playmaker than Quinn and especially Chris Long. I also keep in mind that every single player that plays under Williams will excel this season beyond last year by leaps and bounds. If the coach has said to Williams he will get the chance to be the mad scientist, then you are about to see something that you may not have seen before and what better way to introduce that kind of maelstrom to the NFL than with one of the most dangerous college prospects to come out of the draft in years.

That in no way is meant as a slap in the face to the players we have right now, but just imagine the packages that Williams would create? He would essentially have 2 to 3 "Javon Kearse"s on the field anytime he wanted. We would dominate our division and ascend to number 2 in our division quickly.

2. Quickly you say? Yes I say quickly ascend to #2 in our division. Is that what we are shooting for, of course not, but now is the time to strike while the iron is hot as San Francisco and Coach Harbaugh are not getting along. I don't think this rift between coach and organization is just gonna blow over and disappear. I think this will eventually get ugly and they will either let him go or try and trade him again by the end of this season.

3. Clowney answers all of the questions that arise from the presence of the Kaepernicks and the Wilsons of the league. He is fast enough and strong enough to make it to the opponent's backfield and break every bit of momentum that they have left with sack after sack. The opponents offensive line will have to make some hard decisions and work overtime to figure out who to block because double teams are things that have to be implemented when teams play us right now without the upgrade in coaching or Clowney. So when you bring this specimen into the mix, we then become those teams' kryptonite.

Jadeveon Clowney Ultimate 2013-14 Highlights ᴴᴰ (via HFX HD)

4. Because of how deep the draft is and our coaching ability on the Rams defensive staff, we can snatch Clowney with #2, then take care of the need we have at safety by getting Ha Ha Clinton-Dix with a #13 pick or even trade down in Round 1 for more picks and grab someone like Calvin Pryor late in the round. We still have plenty of CB help to choose from and also plenty of OLine help to choose from with any additional picks we can get. I am thinking that because of how deep the draft is, we will benefit by being able to move around the draft as we have for the last couple years.

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Alabama Highlights ᴴᴰ (via Harris Highlights)

5. We may not see the same kind of player again for another 5 years and we need to win now. This needs to be a statement year and I think that Clowney along with some other key additions, the St. Louis Rams could be staring at a clear berth in the playoffs this season.

2013 St. Louis Rams Highlights (via yrba1)

If this guy is there at #2, we take him. What do you think Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. Rams GM for the hour?

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