Random Ramsdom: April 4, 2014 The Draft Approacheth


With free agency drying up, the Rams turn their full attention to the upcoming draft. With gaps on both sides of the ball, a multitude of players and positions are on the radar screen. The rest of the NFL has not been idle and maneuvers and questions abound.

The Clowney controversy continues - USA Today

All draft picks produce a question or two, but with Clowney they seem endless. Will his pro day raise more questions? Or lay some to rest? See, I told you the questions were endless!


Pat Kirwin gives an excellent tutorial on the D-line. - CBS Sports

Pat Kirwin at CBS, outlines this years defensive lineman and the relative depth or lack thereof. Along the way he explains the different positions and which teams need what.

Jeff Fisher blowing smoke? - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Some strong statements about Sammy Watkins.

Yesterdays draft, or wheels turning, karma and other such. DeSean Jackson revisited - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

A talented play maker, no question, but should the Rams still regret passing him by? Is it coincidence that he ended up signing with the Redskins? Will the Rams have the last laugh...Again?

The Cowboys licking their chops. HaHa vs Calvin Fansided

With all the talk about trading down the number two overall pick, there is a glaring absence of talk about a possible fight over two highly touted safeties. Most likely in the middle of the first round. Will we see the Cowboys make a move to get the player they want?

Rams of yore headed to the Hall of Fame. Aeneas Williams gives a shout-out to Kurt Warner...

The Steelers looking to bolster their defense. Stephen Tuitt and Darqueze Dennard visit - Behind the Steel Curtain

Historically, the Steelers have always prized defense over offense, that trend continues in this not unexpected move. Stephen Tuitt has also visited the Rams.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch Denver Broncos - ESPN

The Broncos need a middle linebacker. The middle linebacker is a position that hasn't been talked about a lot so far in this off season, but if any team truly needs one it is Denver.

The Sooners have provided 29 NFL players in the last five years. Here are their offerings this year. - CBS Sports

Maybe not a bumper crop, but solid players worth keeping an eye on.

Two potential horn-bearers face off

The NFC West, how elite can it get? - USA Today

In this toughest division in all of football, are we seeing true dynasties in Seattle and San Fransisco? Will St. Louis or Arizona take the reins? What does each of these teams need to get/stay on top?

Let's not entirely forget about free agency, next year will be hectic - Sports Illustrated

A number of HUGE free agent signings/retentions will be at stake next year.

Chris Burke-

If you thought the start of NFL free agency was insane this year, just imagine the 2015 window opening with Richard Sherman, Jimmy Graham, Colin Kaepernick, Ndamukong Suh, Dez Bryant and other current or future All-Pros wandering onto the market.

The Rams need help at offensive guard, Xavier Su'a-Filo is a name that stands out from the rest...- Sports Illustrated

...for far more than the obvious. He is rightly considered the best OG in the draft, but will he be there when the Rams get on the clock? Rather obviously, he will be with the number two pick and almost certainly the thirteenth...but then what?

The short list of highly prized SEC players in the coming draft. The yin to the NFC West's yang - Saturday Down South

The SEC continues to dominate both the BCS and NFL draft boards.

Cleveland undecided on A. J. McCarron and draft picks -Cleveland Browns

Like St. Louis, Cleveland is poised to score big in the coming draft, but confusion seems to be the order of the day. An effective smokescreen or reality?

Turf Show Times contributor Charles Martel hired as music coordinator for the Edward Jones Dome - St. Louis Globe-Democrat.

No, not really, but if that happened, this would be the intro song for all night games...cranked to 11, of course!

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