Random Ramsdom April 30, 2014; Focus on Safeties

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The contract extension of Earl Thomas has rejuvenated the safety talk around the league, and especially for the safety-needy Rams. The near complete silence by the Rams front office on this position is puzzling. Or is it just a rather unsophisticated Kansas City shuffle?

Todd McShay and some hair agree on some stuff...again. - ESPN

Mel Kiper and Todd McShay are in lock step with their latest Rams mock.

A. J. McCarron to go in first round? - Sports Illustrated

Persistently for months, A. J. McCarron has been considered a third or fourth round choice. I guess you have three possibilities here-

1. He actually is that good.

2. Someone's rather cruel bit of smokescreen.

3. Bortles, Bridgewater, Manzeil and Carr are crumbling under intense scrutiny and suddenly A. J. McCarron looks far, far better than before.

Rams face Earl Thomas for at least four more years - Sports Illustrated

Earl Thomas is now the highest paid free safety in the league. Given that Seattle has several other stars coming to the end of their contracts next year, this could be a huge factor in the future.

Niners, major players in the coming draft?

An overview of the Rams coming draft by positional need -CBS Sports

Not a lot new here, but worthwhile to review the basics again.

Rams looking to draft a safety. -St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"You look at Earl Thomas, you look at the money the Saints paid Jairus Byrd (in free agency) – there’s a demand for that," said former Rams draft pick Matt Bowen of the Bleacher Report.

HaHa Clinton-Dix highlight reel

Calvin Pryor highlight reel

Deone Bucannon highlight reel

Are the Rams going to go quarterback hunting? - NFL.com

It is fairly well agreed that the Rams will draft a quarterback at some point in this draft, but to use their second over all? Is there substance here or is this out of left field?

Blake Bortles to Minnesota...Cleveland? - SI.com

If the Vikings and the Browns end up scrapping for Bortles, the Rams could be the prime beneficiary.

Jim Thomas raps about the draft -Rams-News.com

—I think the one thing people continue to underrate is how bad–historically bad –the roster was when Bradford was drafted.

Hard to disagree Jim Thomas.

Ok, you are not going to believe this, but Robert Quinn is really, really good. - Rams-News.com


Coming soon...

Texans wait til round three to choose a quarterback? - WalterFootball

Sound reasoning here...maybe.

Have the Rams found their trade partner? - Fansided

Would the Rams want to drop all the way to number nine? If so, what would the bounty be?

Rams to draft HaHa, Pryor and Bucannon. - St. Louis Globe Democrat

Looks like the Rams have found their answer to the safety question.

And now, my friends, some traveling music...

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