Mel Kiper Jr. is on the Clock for the St. Louis Rams

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Mel Kiper Jr. takes a different approach to his mock draft today. Instead of projecting the picks, he puts himself in the GM’s position. How’d he do for the Rams?

The most respected head of hair in the biz took a different direction with his mock today, playing GM instead of projecting picks.  In this scenario he takes in the best interest of the team he’s making selections for.  Sorry, no trades.  And if you’d like to view the entire mock, you’ll need ESPN Insider, but have at it!

Round 1 [2] Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson
Round 1 [13] HaHa Clinton-Dix, S, Alabama
Round 2 [44] Morgan Moses, OT, Virginia
Round 3 [75] Christian Jones, LB, Florida State

Some pretty solid picks that address some of the Rams more glaring needs this time of year, eh?  Seeing Watkins and Clinton-Dix in the first round is nothing new; though those names are often inter-changed with others.  Moses is an offensive tackle whose name is quickly climbing draft boards, and tackle [believe it or not] is a position that needs depth in the unfortunate case of injury.  Jones has excellent range and speed, making him a threat in both pass rush and dropping into coverage.

To check out some scouting info and - for your viewing pleasure, film - here’s a link to each players page on

Sammy Watkins //Haha Clinton-Dix //Morgan Moses //Christian Jones

But what did Kiper Jr. have to say about his picks?

I actually have a few players rated slightly higher than Watkins on my Big Board, but I'm looking at this roster as the GM. I think I have one season to find out if Sam Bradford is my quarterback for the long haul, so I need to give my coach the best chance to score more points and win football games. Ultimately, I decide to draft the guy I think can make plays and upgrade my offense immediately. And really, Watkins isn't much of a leap in terms of value. The extra first-round pick gives me the courage to take the high-upside offensive talent at No. 2. Clinton-Dix is a no-brainer given the need at safety with the top three OTs gone at No. 13, and then I get the tackle I need in Round 2. Moses isn't a left tackle, but he can play as a rookie if needed, and I need help on the right side. I'm pretty happy with two of my linebackers --James Laurinaitis and the raw but talented Alec Ogletree -- but add some versatility and potentially a rookie starter in Jones. You hope Bradford is good, because this roster sure is.

How do you think he did, Rams’ fans?


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