A Different Approach or a "Curveball Draft"

If I've seen one draft I've seen a thousand, and that's all good. I enjoy the speculation, the smoke and mirrors, the upsides and downsides of it all.

I've tried a different approach, a new angle to see if there's something we've missed, or an avenue currently unexplored. so here's a new take on the draft approach that the rams could take. I'm not saying this is what I think they will do or even that its what I think they should do, but nobody else has discussed this option so I thought it might be something fresh and different to read.

Lets go "All In"

What if the Rams draft gods decide this is the year to make a move towards greatness. Maybe they feel that next years draft is no where near the quality of this years and, without giving up significant draft position this year in a good draft, we wont be in a position to draft quality Elite prospects next year because of lack of depth and we, hopefully will be picking in the #24 plus range.

There is also the possibility that some of our prospects or fringe players from last year have made bigger strides in their development than us, as fans, have seen or realise. Maybe there is a ray ray or similar that is now looking the real deal, so maybe, just maybe, we don't have as many holes on the roster as we or the draft experts think we have???

Lets say we look at this draft as if we didn't have such a high draft pick as the bonus of #2, what would we have speculated on doing without it??? would we be happy to sit at #13 as our first pick??? looking back to last year, which would have been a similar position, probably not.....

So what if, we use the #2 pick to drop back to #4-6 range gaining say an extra second and third round pick for it. Then we package these extra picks plus a fifth rounder or use a combination of picks from next years draft, which may not be so deep, to move from #13 to say #8 .

This would give us significant firepower to tailor our draft strategy to pick up two Elite players. Maybe Watkins and Robinson, or Clowney and Evens, or Mack and Barr, or obviously any combination of these players. This would still leave us with enough draft stock to pick up a CB, FS and DT in rounds 2, 3, 4 and 5. I would imagine we will attempt to package rounds 6 and 7 picks, less comp picks obviously, to move back into rounds 4 and 5 irrespective on what happens at the top of the draft anyway.

The next 2 years drafts suck "Sell the Farm Approach"

Snisher decide that if they don't get to at least the playoffs within the next 2 seasons then they wont have a job so lets make history now.......

Same moves as above but they use the next 2 years first rounders plus a 4th from this year and a 3rd from next to gain the #1 pick this year so they now have #1, #4-6 and #8 and the Rams draft Clowney, Watkins and Robinson.

Final Word

All in all I feel there is too many options to be accurate in Mocks with any degree of certainty, but one thing is certain there will be some bombshells during the draft and that's what makes it great fun......

Thanks for reading and my intention for this was to give an alternative the normal mock drafts and to be a bit of fun, I enjoy reading the various posts on here and always try to read as many posts as I can.

A special shout out to Dubz and ramsrock, I bow to your knowledge and skill at writing informative posts, keep up the good work.....

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