Peas Observations on Hypocrisy, Smoke Screens and My First and Final Mock


I find it rather entertaining and exasperating as the long awaited draft finally comes into view. I believe this year’s draft telecast, coverage and subsequent autopsies of the draft itself will far surpass the wildest dreams the NFL have in terms of ratings because basically…hope springs eternal. At this time of the year all teams will be in the playoffs and every draft pick will be on their way to Honolulu errrrrr.. Phoenix.

The NFL under the oversight of Roger Goodell is evolving into an entity that can be compared to the NCAA on PED’s. In terms of professional sports, the profits are starting to spin out of control so much that the NFL has been compelled lately to give some back to the gladiators before they feed them to the lions. This has been evident in the CAP escalations and in the concussion settlements (an attempt to have their liabilities lessened going forward.) I find it hypocritical but also refreshing compared to other sports. I would prefer to see a team cut a non producing player than see a pitcher taking 20 million per year for a fastball that has declined to a changeup on the juggs gun. As fans, we will gladly and blindly finance our favorite NFL team out of our weekly stipend with the games we watch, the beer we drink, the cars we drive…the Tavon Austin jerseys on our backs at Buffalo Wild Wings each Sunday, fist pumping every first down and an occasional Robert Quinn sack dance. Can I get an AMEN!!

Smoke Screens and Draft Falsehoods:

First let me pay homage to our leadership in Earth City who are masters of deception and communicating a lot of information without real defined answers…that is the perfect model for running a draft. Our talented group is led by the wizard of analogies, Les Snead. Les along with leading the league in hair has been elevating his moniker as a rising young GM to a major kingpin in all things Radio City. We eagerly await each Rams pick not knowing if we go up or down …. offense or defense, Snead On.

Then there is Jeff Fisher, who is like that cool uncle that let you have a beer with him and looks away when he caught you watching porn. You always expect a wink or get that shit eating grin that suggests something is headed your way, and it will make you pause in gentle distress, like…what the…then after digesting it for a minute or five, you come to terms that..Hey! that is pretty f------g smart! Example….with the 14th pick in the 2012 draft the St. Louis Rams select…Michael Brockers?... two years on we are like…no shit!

Last there is Kevin Demoff who sounds like the over anxious code writing 16 year old whiz kid that is way too brilliant. After listening to Kevin on podcasts and interviews you can hear his excitement and intelligence. I get the feeling Les Snead sends a body guard with him to subdue him if he happens to get too close to letting out a draft secret. Oh…and did I mention he can crunch numbers like no other human and his pen name is Frank "Dubs" Dabozy.

IE: Bullshit- It seems that since the so called experts grade players and create mock drafts there is an enhanced sense of hypocrisy as to their statements about tape, workouts, the combine and the whole process of the NFL work fair that is the pre-draft. A perfect example is all the experts say the combine and workouts don’t really matter…it comes down to the tape…..tell that to Teddy Bridgewater who have experts down grading him based on the workouts and his decision not to throw at the combine. It works in the opposite direction for Clowney who smoked everyone at the combine, had a great workout and is living off his 2012 tape.

Now…onto the Mocks

Mock Draft 1.0 – A, B, & C

I will now publish my first and final mock in three initial and final phases, for those confused let me explain. I think everything is pretty final with most of the workouts and the extra time to the podium this year is a total joke and lends itself to the hypocrisy I mentioned earlier. If anything, it is a great time for front offices to concentrate on your lower level picks. I have based my three drafts on principles of picking BPA at # 2 and the only trade I have us making in these mocks is trading our 13 to Cleveland who take our spot to grab their favorite flavor at QB. In return we get 26, 35, and their second pick in round three at # 83 which is near the end of the third round. I would prefer not to move from #2 because I don’t ever see us with this opportunity again to draft that high. I have selected three draft scenarios that focus on taking one of three of my favorite prospects I feel will be there at #2. For the Clowney lovers out there…he is not in any of my mocks as he will go #1 to Houston or Atlanta or someone else that throws a curve, and a lot of picks at Houston. At the end please vote on which of these three you prefer. I have only prognosticated through round 5 as with rounds 6 and 7 we have so many picks I truly believe we will parlay all that we can to maneuver during the three day process.

Mock 1.0-A titled Gospel According to Ramsrock … I believe it will bring a very large jpeg from my good friend. (let’s hope so.)

2 Sammy Watkins – WR

26 Xavier Sua-Filo - G/OT

35 Bradley Robey - CB

44 Joel Bitonio - OT/G

75 Aaron Murray – QB

83 Terrence Brooks – S

110 Brandon Thomas – G

153 Crockett Gilmore – TE

Mock 1.0 B titled Gregg Williams Gets a Woodie! This is a scenario that propels our defense past all our friends in the west by the end of 2014.

2 - Khalil Mack – OLB/DE

26 - Ra’ Shede Hageman - DT

35 - Jimmie Ward – S

44 - Joel Bitonio – OT

75 - Le Marcus Joyner – CB/S

83 - Phillip Gaines - CB

110 – Dakota Dozier – G

153 – Brett Smith – QB

Mock 1.0 – C simply titled Peas Home Brew …This may be my old school common sense best of both worlds approach, maybe not my favorite but really love all these guys.

2 - Greg Robinson – OT

26 - Jason Verrett – CB

35 - Ryan Shazier – OLB

44 - Deonne Bucannon – S

75 - Gabe Jackson – OG

83 - Jarvis Landry – WR

110 - David Fales - QB

153 – Larry Webster – DE/T

Well there you have it…my first and last mock draft. I based these three options on directions of philosophies. Each weighted towards offense, defense and a balanced selection. I tried to get solid athletes that we have shown some interest in at the All Star and Workouts to make it more feasible. It pained me to trade 13 because I really think Aaron Donald could be there as a difference maker but the extra 2nd and third was too much to turn down. I will leave it open to all the TST family to agree or disagree…..that’s just what we do. Long live any diversions until May 8th !!

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