Greg the Keg?

AThe Rams have many options and needs in the upcoming NFL Draft, but offensive tackle seems to be the biggest to many. The most preferred tackle to land with the Rams seems to be Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn.

Greg Robinson: 6'5" 332lbs

As you can tell by the picture above... Robinson is a big boy, but that doesn't mean he isn't athletic because well...

Greg Robinson ran a 4.92 Official 40-yard dash. For 332lbs that is really fast! But the thing about Robinson is that he isn't just straight-line fast, but he is quick in his lateral movements as well. It's not just the speed that makes Greg special, but his combination of raw power and speed that makes Robinson a MAULER in the run game.

As you can see #73 takes his assignment for a ride right on to his back in the middle of the field. Here is another example of Robinson just abusing his assignment10 yards down the field.

Again #73 drives his man, eventually pushing him down after 7 yards down the field. As you can see, Robinson is a dominant run blocker, but the big 332lb isn't without his flaws. Quick and powerful, Robinson has all the tools to become a dominant mainstay on the left of some team's Oline. But, Robinson is red-shirt sophomore and has proven to be raw in his pass protection.

Just like that, Robinson gets beat by a simple speed rush relinquishing the sack to the Bama DE. Its his inabilities in pass blocking that is the biggest concern of Robinson's play. Robinson pass blocking skills could be coached up, but I don't think Greg should be drafted to start at LT from day one. It would be very beneficial for Robinson to start on the right side of the line or start at one of the guard spots. This would take the pressure off him to pass block as well. It would give Robinson the chance to refine his pass protection with the idea of becoming a great left tackle in the future.

So if the Rams drafted Robinson #2 or they are able to trade down and still select the Auburn prospect, how should the Rams approach his develop to becoming an elite offensive lineman in the NFL?

As I was trying to explain to @RamblinFan is that Robinson should start his career at guard. With Long and Barksdale manning the ends for the season. (Saffold could fill in at LT until Long returns). Next season Robinson would kick out to right tackle to replace Barksdale, assuming he leaves in free agency. At this point, Jake Long would be entering his third year in his four year contract and he would be one year removed from an ACL injury. So finally in year three of Robinson's career, Boudreau would've molded him into a phenom at LT by this point in time allowing the Rams to part ways with Jake Long to free up cap space.

If the Rams do indeed choose the route of taking Greg Robinson on May 8th then they probably did it with the future in mind. Jake Long is progressing from his surgery, but much is still unknown with his situation.The Rams have the unique ability to allow Robinson to develop under an accomplished Oline coach who makes scrubs look like viable starters (see Chris Williams and Shelly Smith). If the Rams select Robinson you could be seeing the likes of Jake Long, Greg Robinson, Scott Wells, Rodger Saffold, and Joe Barksdale lining up at some point this season. That isn't too shabby of an Oline to protect the feeble likes of a certain QB... (zing). We would also have to find this Greg a nickname like his counterpart the Leg. I was thinking along the lines of Greg the Keg? I don't know, but hit me with your best nicknames just in case Robinson lands in the Lou.

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