Random Ramsdom April 23, 2014; The Fog of War

Richard Heathcote

"Many intelligence reports in war are contradictory; even more are false, and most are uncertain." -Carl von Clausewitz. The famous German general and military theorist was speaking, of course, about war. However his above quoted and quite famous maxim is all too appropriate for studying the NFL draft. When the GM, coaches and scouts huddle up and the clock starts-it is not called a 'war room' for nothing..

More quarterback speculation, and that ever important #2 draft pick - NFL

The swirling and contentious waters of the draft and the pick that seems to have the entire league waiting in eager anticipation.

Anticlimax...the season begins - ESPN

The first, minuscule buds of spring peek out from the long winters slumber. With draft fever in high pitch, it is hard to get overly excited about players showing up for conditioning drills. Still, the season is slowly and surely coming to life.

Scott Wells, Pro Bowl center talks about his experience in the draft St. Louis Rams

Lo! The mighty spawn a torrent of flowery speech. In the meantime, the less glamorous trenchers do their thing and become Pro Bowlers. Even when very nearly undrafted.

The evolution of the mocks - Sports Illustrated

Throughout the land there was much conjecture and supposition and the lords of the draft were fierce in their countenance and vengeful in their projections. And...they are probably all wrong. SI takes the time to illustrate (pun intended) their picks for the Rams, why and how they have evolved.

Benny Cunningham and friends reminisce

Mock draft burnout is fast approaching - Bleacher Report

I have come to the conclusion that whoever made the decision to move the draft to May, is a stone cold sadist.

Tom Savage not believing his own hype - CBS Sports

The rising draft prospect is trying to keep things in perspective. Invited to the Green room in New York, he's decided not to risk a Brady Quinn-esk wait...

Odell Beckham Jr. scout report - SBNation

The Rams have needs at the position of wide receiver...or do they? If yes, Beckham Jr. could be an option with the thirteenth overall pick.

Jason Verrett highlight reel

Justin Gilbert highlight reel

A succinct scout report on HaHa Clinton-Dix - CBS Sports

And, once again, he is mocked to the Rams

An in-depth look at Zack Martin - Walter Football

Projected to move inside to guard in the NFL, Martin has a number of teams looking his way.

The looming draft from the Baltimore Ravens perspective -The Baltimore Sun

With the seventeenth overall pick and some similar needs as the Rams, Baltimore could be a rival or even a potential trade partner in the middle of the first round.

The rumor mill is working overtime broke - Walter Football

Charlie Campbell-

Everyone knows that the St. Louis Rams want to trade down from the second-overall pick. With the 2014 quarterback class not yielding multiple elite prospects for the top of the draft, there has been some doubt about the Rams' ability to move down this year. However, if the Houston Texans take Jadeveon Clowney with the first pick, there are a number of teams that could move up with the Rams to get the top-ranked quarterback.

One team that is a prime contender to move up with St. Louis is the Minnesota Vikings. Sources have told us that the Vikings are a real contender to move up for Central Florida quarterback Blake Bortles.

And to make sure that no one is "not allowed to not be confused"...Wait. What? - Twin Cities/Pioneer Press

This is a hugely interesting draft class. Already famous for it's depth in a multitude of positions, quarterback is not one of them. Still, the last two, contradictory links -the Vikings will take Blake Bortles. No they won't- may just decide the early part of the Rams draft and thus possibly, the Rams future.

Speaking of quarterbacks, Terrelle Pryor gets traded to Seattle -ESPN

With this news coming after the inexplicable 49ers trade for Blaine Gabbert, what Rams fan is not convinced that they have the NFC West's best back-up QB in Shaun Hill?

More trouble in the Bay area? LaMichael James skipping school voluntary workouts -CBS Sports

According to the duly reported rumors, San Francisco is looking to possibly trade him. One has to wonder about all the tension in San Francisco and how it will impact the team on the field this coming season.

A classic ad which just happened to air during Super Bowl XIV

The entire history of the Rams first round draft picks -Wikipedia

Some really interesting stuff here, such as not one, but TWO half backs taken in the first round in 1957. Huh? Del Shofner was a wide receiver, according to his wiki page. Herman Wedemeyer has his position listed as 'B'. Hmm, ok. Methinks some editing is needed on that page...Douglas M?

Rams a lock to win Super Bowl XLIV -St. Louis Globe Democrat

In conclusion, a musical offering in keeping with today's theme...also, some stellar eye candy.

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