Reddit Live Mock Draft

A friend of mine recently participated in a 7 round live mock draft on Reddit. He is a Raider fan so I usually don't really listen to him when he talks football. But when he showed me this draft and I checked out what the rams did and I was actually really impressed. I would be very happy if the draft came out this way. Here is what the rams did in this draft:

1.2 Khalil Mack LB- I would prefer to move back a few spots and possibly still take Mack but I'm assuming the trade offers were either too small or were too far down the draft to grab one of the elite prospects. Mack would be the final piece to our linebacker corp and provide a pass rush that our linebackers have been lacking.

TRADE: The rams trade pick 1.13 to the Ravens for pick 1.17, 3.15, & 2015 4th rounder

1.17 Calvin Pryor FS- I love this trade. We move back 4 spots and still pick up an elite safety that we desperately need while getting picks for this year and next year.

Trade: Rams trade picks 2.12, 4.10, & 6.12 for the Saints pick 1.27

1.27 Bradley Roby CB - We move up 17 spots back into the 1st round for just a 4th and a 6th essentially. This would complete our final hole in our defense and provide a large upside to our cornerback position. We have a lot of late round picks in this draft and we should definitely use them to move around in the draft to get players we want.

3.11 Davante Adams WR- If Adams is available here we have to take him. He is projected to be a second rounder and provides great value at this point in the draft.

3.15 Billy Turner OT- Small school prospect who has a large upside. Most likely could start at guard and then work his way to a tackle position.

5.13 Kadeems Edwards OG- Not a huge fan of this pick. He's usually projected to be a 7th rounder or UFA. There were better people on the board at this pick

6.38 Jerick McKinnon RB- Projected as a 4-5th rounder so provides good value in the 6th round.

7.11 Khyri Thornton DT

7.26 Tyler Larsen C

7.34 Brett Smith QB

7.35 Khairi Fortt LB

There's a few things that I would change about this draft but I would be completely satisfied with the Rams if the draft came out this way. I know there is no Sammy Watkins picks here but let me know what you think. Think link to every pick in the live mock draft is here:

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