Why the Manziel Interest is real

While I personally know mine and Snisher's viewpoints fall in line, many Rams fans believe that this is a smoke screen to generate interest in the second pick.

Regardless of whether or not we are actually trying to increase the value of the pick, here are the points that need to be made.

1. If you look at any NFL team’s big board for the top players in the draft Manziel is not there. Clowney, Robinson, Mack, Watkins and even Jake Matthews are all rated higher. If we were to really consider trading the pick, the most value we would get from it would be from letting a team take one of these players. NOT Manziel. We wouldn’t get the allotted value back for the pick no matter how much we try to generate a buzz.

2. While I believe Manziel is the best QB in this draft, his advantage over Bortles is marginal. A team would not give up as much as one thinks on Manziel, if they could trade with the Jaguars or the Browns for less and get Bortles. And this could very much happen if we trade Bradford to one of these QB needy teams and thus they would prefer to trade down and still get one of the higher rated players i.e. Browns trading for Bradford and getting Watkins. Comparative QB’s around Manziel mitigate his risk premia. As Fisher has said, there is no chance of getting the same value that we got when we traded down for RG3 no matter how much of a "smokescreen" we try to create. Teams trust in their valuations already and will not throw away their entire thought process especially when they were initially prepared for Manziel to possibly go to the Texans 1 overall.

Just keep reading the news that is coming out. People are buying into Bradford being traded for value, and now the Rams having interest in Manziel. Whether or not this will actually happen is still in the air, but it is ignorant to continue to have such a false sense of security in Bradford getting his chance to have a make or break year in the hardest division in any sport.

1 (2) - QB Johnny Manziel
1 (8) - WR Mike Evans
1 (26) - OG Xavier Su'a Filo
2 (13) - CB Keith McGill

3 (13) - Seantrel Henderson
4 (13) - TE Troy Niklas
5 (13) - QB Jeff Mathews
6 (13) - DT Caraun Reid
7 (2) - WR L'Daimian Washington
7 (17) - LB Tosan Eyetsemitan

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