Random Ramsdom: April 22: St. Louis Rams - 16 Days To Go!

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

16 days to go before the NFL Draft begins! The suspense will be building in the next couple weeks, as we all await the start of the draft. Will the Rams trade down the #2 selection? Or stand pat, and take one of Jadeveon Clowney, Greg Robinson, Sammy Watkins, or Khalil Mack? Please note: Starting next week, my weekly Random Ramsdom column moves to the Monday slot. See ya'll there!!


Twitter Talk

Chris Long commenting on William Hayes' more "feminine" qualities:

A no-brainer decision, as Quinn's fifth-year option will only cost the Rams $6.969 million:

A quick exchange between RVB and Evan Silva - NBC Rotoworld - regarding Tavon Austin:

The Rams players appear eager to get 2014 under way:

This must be some kind of a rumour, no??? (Sarcasm font):

With Robert Quinn, Rams don't need Jadeveon Clowney: ESPN NFL

With Robert Quinn, Chris Long, William Hayes and company already patrolling the defensive line, can the Rams afford to pass on Jadeveon Clowney, if he makes it past Houston?

What to do at No. 2: S.I. - MMQB

Peter King suggests the Rams need to improve their offense - more than anything else - in this draft. His advice? The Rams should select Greg Robinson, or Sammy Watkins and Taylor Lewan/Zack Martin at #13.

Texans need QB, but not bad enough to pass on Clowney in NFL Draft: CBS Sports

The theme of Jason La Canfora's message? A team should not pass on the obvious BPA, to reach for a quarterback.

Silva's Two-Round Mock Draft: NBC Rotoworld

Evan Silva updates his two-round mock draft. The Rams select OL Greg Robinson and S Jimmie Ward in the first round, followed by DT Tim Jernigan in the second round. Robinson is a fine selection, and Jernigan would be a good value pick. Jimmie Ward at #13? A full round too early in my estimation.

Rams Chat: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Jim Thomas conducts his weekly question and answer session, examining all topics related to the St. Louis Rams.

Draft Prospects Highlight Reel: CB - Kyle Fuller - Virginia Tech

Draft top-5: Cornerbacks: National Football Post

Draft top-5: Safeties: National Football Post

Greg Gabriel, an NFL scout for 29 years, examines the top five cornerbacks and safeties in the upcoming draft. CB Justin Gilbert and S Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix top his lists.

Trying to guess the Rams' schedule: ESPN NFC West

Nick Wagoner gives his take on the Rams schedule for 2014. The Rams' schedule-guessing promotion - worth $100,000 to anyone who can guess the schedule correctly - is the equivalent of trying to find a needle in a haystack.

New contract, fresh start for Dunbar: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Jo-Lonn Dunbar had a 2013 season he'd rather forget. Will re-uniting with DC Gregg Williams rejuvenate Dunbar, and bring him back to 2012's level of play?

Rams Chat: ESPN NFC West

Nick Wagoner conducts his weekly question and answer period, answering all questions related to the St. Louis Rams.

Stat Facts Of The Week: Team Passing Yards Per Attempt

Team Passing Yards Per Attempt
Team Passing Attempts Passing Yards Passing Yards Per Attempt
1 Philadelphia Eagles 508 4,110 8.09
2 Denver Broncos 675 5,444 8.07
3 San Diego Chargers 544 4,328 7.96
4 Seattle Seahawks 420 3,236 7.70
5 New Orleans Saints 651 4,918 7.55
6 Green Bay Packers 570 4,268 7.49
7 Chicago Bears 579 4,281 7.39
8 San Francisco 49ers 417 2,979 7.14
9 Detroit Lions 634 4,482 7.07
10 Cincinnati Bengals 587 4,136 7.05
11 Arizona Cardinals 574 4,002 6.97
12 Pittsburgh Steelers 586 4,017 6.85
13 Dallas Cowboys 586 3,954 6.75
14 Tennessee Titans 533 3,496 6.56
15 New England Patriots 628 4,087 6.51
16 Oakland Raiders 519 3,340 6.44
17 Atlanta Falcons 659 4,243 6.44
18 Carolina Panthers 473 3,043 6.43
19 Indianapolis Colts 582 3,725 6.40
20 New York Giants 567 3,588 6.33
21 Minnesota Vikings 546 3,427 6.28
22 St. Louis Rams 506 3,125 6.18
23 Washington Redskins 611 3,751 6.14
24 Kansas City Chiefs 546 3,340 6.12
25 New York Jets 480 2,932 6.11
26 Houston Texans 633 3,813 6.02
27 Miami Dolphins 594 3,567 6.01
28 Cleveland Browns 681 4,047 5.94
29 Buffalo Bills 522 3,103 5.94
30 Jacksonville Jaguars 592 3,441 5.81
31 Baltimore Ravens 619 3,590 5.80
32 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 514 2,820 5.49

Yards Per Attempt is one of the more effective ways of gauging a team's overall passing ability. Of the 13 teams who made the playoffs/achieved 10 wins in 2013, 9 of them finished in the top 11 in this statistic. The Rams finished 22nd in this ranking. The chart is courtesy of "Sporting Charts".

A nostalgic look back at Los Angeles Rams highlights of the 50's, 60's, and 70's:

Possible draft-day deals: NFL.com

When it comes to draft-day deals, the Rams are always at the forefront of the discussion. With the #2 and #13 selections, expect the Rams to be active on the first day of the draft.

All signs point to Rams drafting quarterback: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The Rams have shown interest in many mid-to-late round quarterback prospects during the pre-draft period. Jim Thomas explores the likelihood of the Rams selecting one of them in the upcoming draft.

An offensive lineman at no. 2 isn't necessarily the "safe" pick for the Rams: Cover 32 Rams

In the NFL draft, nothing is assured or safe. It's a crap shoot at the best of times. "Safe" is a relative term when describing a young player entering the NFL. If the Rams are looking for the "safest" pick in this years draft, OT Jake Matthews fits the bill.

Bradford limited as Rams' off-season program begins: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Sam Bradford is ahead of schedule in his recovery from a torn ACL. Today is the start - phase 1 - of the Rams' off-season conditioning program. Bradford is expected to be throwing in the 3rd phase - OTA's - during the first three weeks of June.

On This Day In Sports History

1876 - Philadelphia Nationals Wes Fisler scores Major League Baseball's 1st run.

Rams COO Kevin Demoff visits the 101 ESPN studio to discuss a wide range of matters related to the Rams, particularly the upcoming NFL Draft:

First-round scenarios for every team: NFL.com

Bucky Brooks examines some of the possible scenarios that can occur in the first round of this years draft. Will the Rams end up trading down the #2 overall selection?

2014 NFL Mock Draft: SB Nation - Mocking The Draft

Matthew Fairburn and Dan Kadar share their latest collaborative two-round mock draft. The Rams select two familiar players in the first round - Greg Robinson and Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix - and add WR Kelvin Benjamin in the second round.

Rams begin off-season program: ESPN NFC West

Monday marked the first day of the Rams' off-season program. The Rams will be looking very closely at the progress of Barrett Jones, Jake Long, Kenny Britt, and Sam Bradford, throughout the off-season.

2014 NFL Mock Draft: Walter Football

Charlie Campbell presents his updated five-round mock draft. The Rams select LB Khalil Mack and OT Teylor Lewan in the first round.

St. Louis Rams Weekly Salary "Re-Cap"

The Rams currently have $5,709,358 in available salary cap space, as noted in last weeks complete salary cap update for TST (link).


Sam Bradford facing high-stakes 2014: ESPN

In his fifth year in the league - and recovering from a season-ending ACL tear - Bradford will have the pressure to perform squarely on his shoulders this coming season.

The top-10 safety prospects in the NFL draft: Cover 32 Rams

One of the safer bets regarding this years NFL draft is the notion of the Rams drafting a safety in the early rounds. Deone Bucannon and Terrence Brooks are my two favourites heading into the draft.

5 Best Case Scenarios For Rams At No. 2: Rant Sports NFL

RS examines 5 different scenarios for the Rams' #2 selection in the draft. Which scenario holds the most appeal?

ATS 2014 NFL Draft: Pro Football Spot

PFS takes a look at the many different options the Rams have for the #2 overall selection in the draft.


Time For Bradford To Leap Forward - Video: ESPN

Louis Riddick discusses Sam Bradford, and whether this is a make-or-break year for him.

Rams Prospect Profile: Aaron Murray: ESPN NFL Nation

Nick Wagoner takes a look at QB Aaron Murray, a prospect the Rams have shown interest in this off-season, particularly in the weeks leading up to the draft.

Jadeveon Clowney: Phenom Or Question Mark?: NFL.com

Albert Breer examines the wide-ranging opinions surrounding the future of Jadeveon Clowney:

"What are you buying?" another NFC personnel exec said. "I'm not sure. He can be a big-time player, but is he gonna be? The wiring, the motor, the questions about shutting it down -- it's really scary. It's boom or bust. I don't know how important football is to him."

Greg Cosell talks draft and the Rams: Rams News Now

Respected analyst Greg Cosell shares his thoughts on the upcoming draft, and what the Rams should do with their two first round picks.


Texans might like Khalil Mack more than Jadeveon Clowney: CBS Sports

Could the Rams have Clowney fall into their laps, one pick after the Texans select Mack? If Mack was selected 31 overall, I'd expect the Rams' #2 pick to rise in value very quickly on draft day.

Tracking Rams' pre-draft visits: ESPN NFC West

Nick Wagoner tracks the Rams' pre-draft visits, both the ones that have occurred, and the scheduled visits in the next two weeks.

The "Torturous" 2014 draft: Sports Illustrated - MMQB

Wading through the QB prospects this year has been tough sledding for the likes of Minnesota GM Rick Spielman. A lot of uncertainty surrounds the top QB prospects in this years draft.

Are the Rams committed to Bradford: NBC Sports

The news must be really slow right now. Mike Florio questions the Rams' commitment to Sam Bradford, and speculates on what the Rams may do about the QB position in this years draft.

Rams GM Les Snead talks about the #2 pick, Sam Bradford, and the draft with Adam Schein:

Draft Needs: St. Louis Rams: Pro Football Talk

Safety, Offensive Tackle, Cornerback, Wide Receiver, and Outside Linebacker top PFT's needs list.

5 QB's Rams should consider selecting in 2014 draft: Rant Sports NFL

As we inch closer to the draft, the question regarding the Rams selecting a QB in the draft is becoming less about "if" and more about "when".

Will the Rams draft a QB in the first round?: NFL.com

The rumour mill keeps churning, as Ryan Van Bibber pointed out last evening, in his article about supposed interest in Johnny Football. My thoughts? It ain't gonna happen folks. Look for the Rams - "rumour has it" - to select a QB in the later rounds. My "rumour" record should remain intact...

Chris Givens excited for fresh start: ESPN NFC West

After a disappointing second season with the Rams, Givens has committed to an extensive off-season program. Will he emerge as a prime target for Sam Bradford?

Are Justin Gilbert, Darqueze Dennard, and Jason Verrett the top CB's in this years draft? CBS Sports' Pete Prisco is hearing rumbles to the contrary:

"I am starting to hear more and more talk that Ohio State's Bradley Roby and Virginia Tech's Kyle Fuller could be the first two corners off the board in the first round. Roby has the best athletic ability of all the corners, but he was inconsistent last season. His 2012 tape was much better. Fuller has the look of a good man-cover player who can match up with the No. 1 receiver."

Blast From The Past: Classic Rock Tuesday: Janis Joplin - Ball And Chain

Please have a great Tuesday and a Ramtastic week!!!

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