Random Ramsdom: 4/21 Seventeen More Days Until It All Unfolds


With only 17 days remaining until the start of the 2014 NFL draft, there is still so many unknowns. One thing that is starting to become clear, is that the Rams are really starting to dig deep into this years class of quarterbacks.

Just call me Mike Marshall - NFL.com

Mike Evans has one comparison for himself, that he calls a "vicious" player after the catch, and his name is not Vincent Jackson...

Hey Coach! You wanna win, put Quinn in. He bout to spin coach! - ESPN.com

How good can Robert Quinn really be? His potential seems to be limitless. The big question is can he consistently do it for the rest of his career?

Let's have a glance back, five times and see what we can see - Bleacher Report

Looking back on the last five drafts for the St. Louis Rams, what grades do they deserve fro each one?

It appears that Sam Bradford is not all talk - Pro Football Talk

A lot of players that tear their ACL, really almost all of them, claim that they are way ahead of schedule. Jeff Fisher says that Sam really is though. Then sense at Rams Park is that the team will have their quarterback back when the season starts, and he will be very close to 100%.

OSU cornerback Justin Gilbert the best at his position? - St. Louis Rams.com

Justin Gilbert thinks pretty highly of himself, and he has a few reasons why you should be too. I will share one of them with you: he is the "best corner in this draft".

No way the Rams will leave the draft without a QB, right? - Pro Football Talk

The Rams have shown a lot of interest in this years quarterback class. They appear to be legitimately intrigued and may very well find a guy who they like in the middle rounds of the 2014 NFL draft this May...

In his pajamas, and ready to roll - Ramblin Fan

Is Sam Bradford a fantasy sleeper. An interesting article with a lot of good points backing both Sam supporters, and non-supporters.

Diversity is a must, and this QB class has it - St. Louis Post Dispatch

Word has it that this draft has it all when it comes to quarterbacks. They're like ice cream, no matter what your flavor of choice is, they all exist in 2014. And the Rams are in position to take one.

Misused or the wrong choice, who knows...? - Pro Football Focus

Which of the Rams recent draft picks were misused and which ones should not have even been considered? Then again who were the money selections, and did we even have any money selections at all?

Mama always said try to keep good company - ESPN.com

Who have the Rams recently invited into their house. While each team is allowed thirty pre-draft visits, we can not forget those precious local visits which do not count.

32 for 32, draft talk for everyone - Bleacher Report

What players and positions has each team been paying attention to the most? What suggestions and predictions out are there for a team or two or thirty-two? Like links to a chain, there are connections everywhere.

Rethinking the Brockers pick of 2012 - Ramblin Fan

Was Michael Brockers the right move? If we could go back and do it all over again, would we change the pick, and who would it be?

And of course we have to do our weekly check on our favorite tweeter, Chris Long.This week we have:


As you can see Chris Long is that A-hole friend we all have - and some of us are - but no matter what we remain friends. It's bro code to keep at least one in your circle.

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