2014 St. Louis Rams Mock Draft 2.0

With the draft being less than a month away draft fever is starting to get severe. The Rams have so many ways the can go in the draft. In this scenario i have the Texans taking Clowney first and the Rams not being able to trade down for 2nd overall.

1a. Khalil Mack, OLB. Buffalo. Some would consider Mack the best overall defensive prospect over Clowney. With Williams he would have so many ways to use Mack has Williams tends to play more 3-3-5 than playing nickle defense so Mack would add a extra dimension as he would play as a down lineman and can either rush the passer or drop into coverage. Also i heard from Charlie Campbell that he was told from a source that the Rams are in love with Mack, and for those that say it just a smokescreen it's the same soures that told him the Rams wanted Olgetree last season.

With the top 3 tackles gone(Atlanta, Tampa, and Tennessee) Rams trade pick 13th to Dallas for 16th pick and 3rd round pick(Cowboys pick Donald).

1b. Zack Martin, OT/G. Notre Dame. I know most will not like and will disagree with this, but from Jim Thomas when he tweeted that the Rams are intrigue with Martin versatility to play guard and tackle.

2. Deone Bucannon, S. Washington State. Bucannon has a good mix of ball skills, run support tackling and hard hitting ability. Also he's a Fisher and Williams type of interchangeable safety.

3a. Jaylen Watkins, CB. Florida. Watkins spent most of the time playing nickle corner for the Gators so it's a perfect fit for what he would be playing for the Rams and is great on special teams.

3b. Anthony Johnson, DT. LSU. A freak of a athletic that can replace Langford next year.

4. Aaron Murray, QB. Georgia. Developmental quarterback to sit and learn behind Bradford and Hill.

5. Trai Turner, G. LSU. A underclassmen that is a strong run blocker and very athletic for his size.

6a. Devin Street, WR. Pittsburgh. A big receiver that shows the ability to beat double coverage and good run after the catch ability.

6b. Trey Millard, FB. Oklahoma. A good run blocking fullback that is excellent catching out of the backfield.

7a. Zach Fulton, G. Tennessee. A good run blocking guard and a consistently improving pass blocker that will provide depth.

7b. Damien Williams, RB. Oklahoma. Williams has a nice combination of quickness, elusiveness and size. He also is a patient runner and does a nice job of setting up his blocks, if he can stay healthy could be a huge steal.

7c. Ricardo Allen, CB. Purdue. Allen is a quick corner with some ball skills and a gritty style of play, will be a special teams player that could develop into a at the worst a good nickel corner.

7d. Caleb Lavey, ILB. Oklahoma State. Lavey is a sleeper linebacker prospect who could be a nice value pick. He played really well for the Cowboys in 2013, especially in pass coverage.

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