Why the Rams need Sammy Watkins

A lot of speculation and questions have been circling the Rams #2 in the upcoming draft. I have been riding the Greg Robinson up until today. Here's why:

The St. Louis Rams currently lack the breakout WR it takes to excel not only in the NFC West, but the entire NFL. Not since the days of Holt and Bruce have we had a tandem of WRs who can make that crucial, game-changing play. With Tavon Austin a future slot machine, I don't believe we have anything more than a WR2 at best on the current roster to take any pressure away.

The Rams shave drafted 7 WR'S in the top 120 picks over the last between 2010-2014. 6 of those came in the top 100. Let's take a look!

2010 Rd 4. Pick 99 - Mardy Gilyard (STATS: 2 Seasons: 8 rec, 78 red yds, 0 tds)

2011 Rd 3. Pick 78 - Austin Pettis (STATS: 3 Seasons: 95 rec, 916 rec yds, 8 tds)

2011 Rd 4. Pick 112 - Greg Salas (STATS: 2 Seasons: 35 rec, 407 rec yds, 0 tds)

2012 Rd 2. Pick 33 - Brian Quick (STATS: 2 seasons: 29 rec, 458 rec yds, 4 tds)

2012 Rd 4. Pick 96 - Chris Givens (STATS: 2 seasons: 76 rec, 1267 rec yds, 3 tds)

2013 Rd 1. Pick 8 - Tavon Austin (STATS: 1 season: 40 rec, 418 rec yds, 4 tds)

2013 Rd 3. Pick 92 - Stedman Bailey (STATS: 1 season: 17 rec, 226 rec yds, 0 tds)

...I'll just let those stat lines speak for themselves...

Enter Sammy Watkins.

The Rams are in desperate need of a playmaker to pair with T.A in the slot. In order for Sam Bradford to be successful, he needs to have someone on the other end of the ball scorching up defenses.

Watkins has the ability to blow past DBs and get deep, crisp route running ability with the hands to match. Also, don't forget strength. He can tear away from the big corners the league is trending towards or take a block downfield while Stacy breaks one of for a huge gain. His big play ability is something this team has been lacking in years past as well.

Moral of the story here: I dont see any WR on the current roster with the capabilities this kid has. He is a gamechanger. One guy where you can get the ball into his hands and watch magic happen. I could see him outproducing and of those career statlines above, with just one year. The Rams need him, Bradford needs him, the city of St. Louis needs him.

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